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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Federal regulations require the Office of Financial Aid to monitor the academic progress of all students who apply for and/or receive federal, state and institutional aid. Students must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress, at the end of each term (fall/spring/summer) toward degree progress in order to maintain their eligibility for financial aid.

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress uses the same academic standards that have been established by the University for calculating GPA, student  classification, and credits towards program completion. 

This policy applies to all semesters of enrollment, not just those in which the student receives financial aid.

Standards of Maintaining  

Repeat Course Work

Any course which is taken more than once for academic credit at Colorado Mesa UniversityCMU Tech is done so only for “grade improvement” wherein academic credit is awarded only once and the best grade received is the one used to compute the student’s cumulative grade point average and to fulfill requirements for the degree.

The lower grade will be excluded from the earned hours for the term taken and will be excluded from the GPA calculations. Repeated courses will not be fundable with financial aid within the same award year.

Financial Aid Eligibility Statuses

Students in, or close to being in, violation of Satisfactory Academic Progress may be in one of the following eligibility statuses for financial aid and will be notified by email to their student email account of the change in status. 

Financial Aid Appeal Process

If extenuating circumstances exist, such as death of a relative, student illness or injury, or other extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control, prevented the student from meeting the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements, they may appeal the ineligibility status.

Students who have met their Maximum Timeframe (who do not have any other extenuating circumstances that occurred beyond their control) will need to complete an academic plan with their Academic Advisor to show progress towards completion within one to two terms of appealing.  

Financial Aid Ineligibility Appeal

Re-Establishing Eligibility

If a student did not have extenuating circumstances, or if the appeal was denied, it is still possible to re-establish financial aid eligibility for future terms. To re-establish eligibility, the student must take courses at their own expense in a subsequent term(s) until the standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress are met and then complete a financial aid ineligibility appeal.