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Congratulations Spring 2024 Graduates! 

May 2024 Commencement Ceremony

Date: Saturday, May 18, 2024 
Time(s):  8:00am and 11:30am (see details below)
Location: Stocker Stadium and streaming online

CMU and CMU Tech will celebrate graduates at two ceremonies on Saturday, May 18, 2024 based on the degree or certificate being conferred.  Parking lots will open one hour before each ceremony.

Streaming:          8:00am Streaming Link          11:30am Streaming Link

Commencement Times

Each ceremony will host specific degrees and majors. Graduates are expected to go to the ceremony for their degree and major. 

8:00am ceremony includes graduates earning the following:

Graduates Please arrive by 7:15am

  • Associate degree (all)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science
    • Criminal Justice: POST Academy
    • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts
    • Applied Anthropology & Geography
    • Art History
    • Criminal Justice
    • Early Childhood Special Education
    • Elementary Education (all)
    • English, English: Writing, and English: Secondary Education
    • History and History: Secondary Education
    • Liberal Arts: General Studies
    • Mass Communication
    • Political Science
    • Psychology and Counseling Psychology
    • Sociology
    • Spanish: Hispanic Studies
    • Studio Art
    • Theatre Arts
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (all)
  • Bachelor of Music (all)
  • Bachelor of Music Education (all)
  • Bachelor of Science
    • Biological Sciences (all)
    • Chemistry and Biochemistry
    • Environmental Science and Technology
    • Geosciences: Geology
    • Mathematics and Mathematics: Secondary Education
    • Physics
  • Professional Certificate (all)
  • Technical Certificate (all)

11:30am ceremony includes graduates earning the following:

Graduates please arrive by 10:45am

  • Bachelor of Applied Science
    • Business Administration
    • Computer Information Systems
    • Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Arts
    • Kinesiology: Adapted Physical Education
    • Kinesiology: K-12 Education
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (all)
  • Bachelor of Science
    • Accounting (all)
    • Computer Information Systems
    • Computer Science
    • Construction Management
    • Engineering (all)
    • Exercise Science
    • Fitness and Health Promotion
    • Outdoor Recreation Industry Studies
    • Sport Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (all)
  • Bachelor of Radiologic Sciences (all)
  • Bachelor of Social Work (all)
  • Graduate Certificate (all)
  • Master's degree (all)

Cap, Gown, and Name Cards

If you were unable to pick up your items on the distribution days, you may stop by The Maverick Store for the cap and gown followed by the Registrar's Office in Lowell Heiny Hall for the name card prior to commencement day. Name cards will also be available as you arrive to the ceremony at the north side of the Suplizio Field baseball stands after entering Stocker Stadium from the main entrance.

Instructions for Commencement Day


Guests and ceremony participants are strongly encouraged to park in the Lincoln Park main lot. Car pooling is encouraged. See the Parking and Traffic Flow Map for parking lot and pedestrian entrances. Note that the 12th Street parking lot entrance only allows right-turn entrance and exit. Parking will also be available in all Colorado Mesa University parking lots free of charge.

Guests and graduates of the first ceremony should exit the stadium and parking lots promptly after the ceremony to avoid congestion of those arriving for the second ceremony. 

Parking will also be available in all Colorado Mesa University parking lots free of charge.

Guest Instructions

There are no tickets required for entrance and no limit to the number of guests allowed. Guests should arrive about 45 minutes before the ceremony. Guests can enter the stadium through the main entrance from the Lincoln Park main lot or enter through the 12th street entrance. The North Avenue stadium entrance will be closed. Arriving at this entrance will require you to walk around to the other entrances. 

Bring weather appropriate gear such as sunscreen, jacket, boots, hats, gloves, poncho, umbrella, etc.

Seating is on either side of the Stocker Stadium. Limited seating is available on the north side of the field behind the roped off area for the graduates. Guests are not allowed in any of the reserved areas. ADA seating is limited to the ADA guest plus one and is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Guests should remain in their seats once the ceremony has started. Photographs may be taken from your seat. Professional photographers will be taking pictures of your graduate before they cross the stage and as they shake hands with the President.

Once the first ceremony is over, please exit the stadium promptly to avoid congestion of those arriving for the second ceremony. 

Graduate Instructions

Graduates should arrive at Stocker Stadium about 45 minutes before the ceremony. Bring your cap, gown, name card, and honor cords (if applicable). Your tassel should hang on the right side of the mortarboard. Bring weather appropriate gear such as sunscreen, jacket, boots, hats, gloves, poncho, umbrella, etc.

Proceed to the pre-ceremony staging area below the north side of the Suplizio Field baseball stands. Graduates should check their name card for processional group A, B, or C, and sit in the assigned section of the baseball stands. For those that didn't pick up their name card beforehand, it can be picked up at a table in the same area. CMU staff will start lining up the graduates into two lines about 30 minutes prior to the ceremony. When the ceremony starts, graduates will be guided into the stadium to be seated. Use the instructions and processional map for further details on processional line up, seating at Stocker Stadium, and walking across the stage.

Once the first ceremony is over, please exit the stadium to allow for the next ceremony. It is recommended that guests and graduates determine a meeting place at a different location prior to commencement day.

Walking across the stage

When it is time to walk across the stage, the commencement marshals will instruct your row to proceed to the stage. Stay in your same seating order as you wait to go to the stage.

Photographers will scan your barcode before the stage and take a photo.

As you arrive on stage, hand your name card to the announcer. You may whisper your name to the announcer to ensure it is pronounced correctly if you wish. Walk to the President, reach out and hold the diploma cover up with your left hand and shake the President's hand with your right hand, look at the camera and smile for the professional photographer.

After exiting the stage, proceed back to your seat.

Students graduating with their Master or Doctorate Degree will be hooded during the graduation ceremony. Please do not wear your hood into the ceremony - carry it in your hands or over your arm. Once your name is announced please walk across the stage to your Program Representative and hand your hood to them. Program representatives will hood students before receiving their diploma cover from the President. A third photo will be taken of Master's and Doctorate students after exiting the stage with their hoods on. 

Turning of the Tassel

The 4.0 baccalaureate students and the departmental honors students will be directed by the speaker to come forward, stand in front of the stage facing their fellow graduates, and lead the turning of the tassels from right side of the mortarboard to left. 

End of the ceremony

Remain at your seat until the commencement speaker has closed the ceremony. There is no recessional. Feel free to congratulate your fellow graduates. At that time, if you have family and friends who want to meet you, we recommend you have a pre-arranged meeting place. For those attending the first ceremony, please make post-ceremony arrangements to leave the parking lot promptly to avoid traffic congestion with those arriving for the second ceremony.

Exit Survey for Graduates

All graduates, regardless of attending the commencement ceremony, should complete the Exiting Graduate Survey.  A link will be emailed to you prior to graduation.  The survey, which inquires about plans after graduation, should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. The results will help academic departments and the institution better prepare students for life after college.