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Graduation Instructions

The semester prior to completion of all coursework, graduating students must:

  • Review their DegreeWorks report and use the Graduation Planning Sheet to document how unmet requirements will be completed for all major(s) and/or minor(s). The student should meet with their advisor if they have questions.
  • Meet with their advisor with the completed Graduation Planning Sheet to review and modify as needed. The advisor must approve the final plan.
  • Submit the Intent to Graduate form to the Registrar’s Office by:
    • March 1 for Summer and December graduates
    • October 1 for May graduates
  • Register for all needed courses and complete all requirements for each degree sought.
  • Meet with Career Services in the University Center regarding help with resume writing, interviewing, and the job search process. Alternatively, attend a Career Services workshop or event.

Graduation Policies

The student is ultimately and solely responsible for knowing the requirements for their degree(s) and for fulfilling those requirements in accordance with University and department policy. Each student is responsible for obtaining a program sheet at the beginning of his or her work detailing the exact requirements for the degree or certificate being pursued. Students are urged to consult with their advisors and check their DegreeWorks at least once each semester. The University assumes no responsibility for difficulties arising when a student fails to establish and maintain contact with his or her faculty advisor and department head or fails to address issues noted in the DegreeWorks report.

Official graduation requirements are listed in the CMU Catalog and on the Program Sheet for the major. DegreeWorks should reflect these requirements. Any DegreeWorks discrepancies should be reported to the Registrar's Office upon discovery.


May Commencement

Saturday, May 18

Colorado Mesa University will host two graduation ceremonies based on the student's degree. The parking lots will open one hour before each ceremony.

Commencement Ceremony Eligibility

Students are eligible to participate in a commencement ceremony based on which semester they complete their graduation requirements.

  • Summer Term* - December Commencement
  • Fall Term - December or May Commencement
  • Spring Term - May Commencement 

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they are enrolled in the necessary courses or have a plan on file with the Registrar’s Office using the “Graduation Planning Sheet” or DegreeWorks Plan which outlines how all requirements will be met. In the four months prior to the ceremony, students must be on track to complete all requirements to remain eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony.

*Summer graduates may participate in the preceding May ceremony only if they are registered by April 15 for one or more summer courses that do not exceed six credits or an internship course that does not exceed 12 credits. The student must be able to finish the summer coursework by the end of the summer term.

Final Award Status

After grades post at the end of each term, the Registrar's Office reviews the DegreeWorks reports for all students who submitted an Intent to Graduate. Please be patient as it takes up to six weeks to review all graduates and change the Graduation Application Status in DegreeWorks to either awarded or denied. Students may review their own DegreeWorks report to check if all requirements were met.

Official Document for Degree Completion

The CMU transcript is the official document to verify degree completion. Awarded degrees will show on the official and unofficial transcript. If you need a copy of your official transcript prior to the degree award, please be sure to check "Hold for Degree Statement."

Diploma Mailing

CMU issues one diploma per degree approximately eight weeks after the degree is awarded.  Additional copies may be purchased online through the Duplicate Diploma Request

Diploma and Transcript Requests for Students with Financial Holds

Colorado Revised Statutes 23-5-113.5 authorizes a postsecondary institution the ability to withhold transcripts and diplomas to a current or former student, on the grounds that the student owes a debt for tuition, room and board fees, or financial aid funds. An exception can be made for students who are requesting and can demonstrate that the transcript or diploma is needed for certain purposes. Transcripts/Diplomas are not released directly to the student but to the job/institution/government for the request. This exception does not apply to foreign students.

If a student has their original diploma held or an official transcript request denied due to a financial hold please review and complete Financial Hold Diploma or Transcript Request eform as directed.

Alumni Information

Graduates are automatically members of the Alumni Association. For more information, check out the Alumni web site.