When Colorado Mesa University opened its doors back in 1925 it took on a junior college mission. Now, nearly 100 years later, Colorado Mesa has reached a crossroads.

Higher education is facing numerous challenges at this time, but with the help of the community, local businesses, alumni and other supporters, we can ensure that this institution, now a thriving regional comprehensive university, continues to provide quality higher education opportunities to the people of our region, state and nation.

Colorado Mesa University has been given the challenge of serving as the regional education provider for one of the largest, most picturesque and geographically challenging regions in the state. Our region is large not only in a geographic sense, but also in the diversity of educational backgrounds, incomes and access to technology. We must ensure that those in our region who want to pursue higher education can not only tap into our resources, but also afford to make their educational goals a reality. This will require creativity, hard work and determination. It will also involve engaging the entire western Colorado community through online programs and distance learning, as well as traditional on-campus educational offerings.

Colorado Mesa's unique mission of providing a wide-range of educational opportunities plays to the University's strength. Students can currently choose from a myriad of programs ranging from the one-year certificate to a two-year associate's degree to a bachelor's or master's degree.

We've built on this mission and developed a new vision for Colorado Mesa in collaboration with both the campus community as well as the much broader regional community. We fully understand that Colorado Mesa University is part of the community, not just a community in and of itself. With this in mind, we ask for the continual input and collaboration of all University stakeholders.

Colorado Mesa University is your institution and we extend an open welcome to all to embrace the opportunities that abound on our campus.

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