Accessibility Statement

Colorado Mesa University is committed to providing an institutional website that can be accessed by all visitors to the site. It is our goal to exceed the guidelines set by Section 508 and WCAG 2.0. Meeting accessibility standards is an ongoing process and we will continue to work toward increasing the accessibility of our site. We have included several features in our site to assist users with disabilities with accessing our site, some of these features are outlined below.


The images on our site contain 'alt tags' for site visitors who may be using screen readers or have their images turned off in their web browser. The alt text provides a text equivalence of the information that is conveyed in the image. Images used solely for decoration have a blank alt tag so that they are overlooked by screen readers.


At the beginning of every page are 'skip to' links that allow users who are using a screen reader or navigating with a keyboard to bypass certain content on the page. The two that are used are 'Skip to main content' which appears on every page and will take you to the body of the page and 'Skip to section navigation' which bypasses the site navigation on the top of the page and takes you to the navigation for that section if it exists on that page.


Heading tags are used to create page architecture and layout. Heading level one tags are used for page titles and subsequent headings are used throughout the rest of the page.

Contact Information

Colorado Mesa University welcomes comments on how to improve the site accessibility for users with disabilities. To help us to better serve you, please be specific in your comments, including the nature of the accessibility issue. Also, if you have any additional questions please contact:

Andrea Keck, Digital Communications Manager

For more information on campus accessibility please contact:

Educational Access Services