Creative Services

Marketing and Communications provides a wide range of communications and creative services ranging from postcards to comprehensive marketing campaigns. Our team can guide you from the initial brainstorming to the print run or website launch. We pride ourselves on the creativity and professionalism we bring to the process. You might have seen student recruitment material we produced, or The Maverick magazine. 


Whether you need a completely new design or simply a minor revision to an existing one, we can help. Each year, we manage nearly 1,000 projects for 60+ clients across the university. As a full-service, in-house creative shop we handle all the details — from communications consulting, to creating initial design concepts, to selecting/shooting the perfect photography, advising on production techniques, logistics with print vendors and more. 

For more information or to start a project, contact Jeremy Smith, senior graphic artist and creative projects manager, at 970.248.1371 or


Creating a strong visual narrative for CMU is our main focus and goal. Through still imagery and video we tell the Colorado Mesa story.  It has been said, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” hence we strive to capture imagery that explores the core values and unique benefits of our institution.

In doing so, we provide high-end imagery supporting the top-tier marketing and advertising for the university’s advertising, print and web materials.

For more information, contact Bronson Henriques at 970.248.1258 or