Sustainability Council

As a student-run organization at Colorado Mesa University, we promote sustainable practices through education and student-led initiatives in order to inspire CMU faculty, staff, and students to celebrate and protect the Earth and it's resources.  We aim to cultivate a campus-wide culture that values our public lands, reduces our impact, and celebrates sustainable advancements on an individual and community-wide scale.

Implemented Initiatives 

The Sustainability Council manages a student-run University Garden and Composting Facility.

The University Garden is a student-run garden on the Western Colorado Community College campus. It is open to everyone and serves as a place for people to come together to share interests, a classroom, and a productive garden that feeds members of our campus community. The garden includes 800 square feet of grow space to generate fresh produce for members of the garden as well as to sell to the student and faculty body.

The Compost Facility is a student driven initiative that converts university generated food waste into a nutrient rich soil additive.

Compost drop- off:

For Spring 2019, students, faculty, and staff can drop off their compost every Monday from 1-2 p.m. in the UC. This makes composting a possibility for many, because they only have to collect their food for a week at a time and don’t have to manage their own compost.

Sustainability Council works to educate and provide resources on recycling to the campus community. Sustainability Council manages recycling at campus events.

Aspiring Initiatives

Sustainability Council is focusing on a Move-Out Program that helps CMU students that live on-campus dispose of dorm room furniture and materials sustainably at the end of the pring semester, then redistributing the materials to students at the beginning of the Fall semester. This program enables students to receive dorm room supplies in a more sustainable, affordable way.

Education about composting. The Compost Facility at the WCCC campus not only provides student jobs, but also diverts food waste from the landfill.

Want to get involved?

The Sustainability Council meets every Thursday at 5:30 pm in Escalante Hall, room 101.
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email us below if you have any questions or if you'd like to be added to our email list:

President: Meghan Cline

Vice President: Jill Klinger

Marketing Coordinator: Ian Thomas

Special Projects Coordinator: Sierra Mitchell

Compost Manager: Meghan Cline