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As a student-run organization at Colorado Mesa University, we promote sustainable practices through education and student-led initiatives in order to inspire CMU faculty, staff, and students to celebrate and protect the Earth and it's resources.  We aim to cultivate a campus-wide culture that values our public lands, reduces our impact, and celebrates sustainable advancements on an individual and community-wide scale.

Implemented Initiatives 

The Sustainability Council manages a student-run University Garden and Composting Facility, organizes a Garage Sale at the beginning of every year, as well as Pop Up Bike Shops throughout the year. A new partnership with Sodexo provides reusable to -go boxes to students, reducing campus waste, and providing a healthier option than styrofoam boxes.

  • The University Garden is a student-run garden on the Western Colorado Community College campus. It is open to everyone and serves as a place for people to come together to share interests, a classroom, and a productive garden that feeds members of our campus community. The garden includes 800 square feet of grow space to generate fresh produce for members of the garden as well as to sell to the student and faculty body.
  • The Compost Facility is a student driven initiative that converts university generated food waste into a nutrient rich soil additive.
  • Compost can be dropped off throughout the year, with events being posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages. The facility is located at the WCCC campus.
  • Our annual Garage Sale takes reclaimed dorm essentials (clothes hangers, microwaves, fridges, etc) and resells them back to the student body at a reduced price. Less waste, less money, happy planet!
  • Pop Up Bikes Shops happen throughout the year, offering free bike maintenance, and $50 bikes (only during the first semester). Bikes are an easy way to get around Grand Junction, so keep an eye on our social media!
  • Reusable To -Go boxes are the first step away from wasteful styrofoam boxes, and are only $2 for the whole year! These boxes allow students to take more food with them, help avoid dorm room trash can disasters, and are microwavable!
  • Sustainability Council works to educate and provide resources on recycling to the campus community. Sustainability Council manages recycling at campus events and coordinates with Facilities to ensure as much material can be recycled as possible. 

Aspiring Initiatives

Sustainability Council is always looking to expand our current programs, reach more students, and connect with more community members. Each and every initiative is aimed at an environmental issue facing the West Slope.

  • Partnerships between Sustainability Council, Facilities, and the City of Grand Junction are moving forward to increase the availability of recycling on campus, as well as the education students receive to ensure recyclables go where they need to.
  • Coordination between Sustainability Council and the Criterion is leading to a reoccurring Sustainability Column! Members of the Council will rotate every issue of the Criterion, so students are provided with up to date information on how to live sustainably, issues facing our planet, and more
  • Collaborating with Sodexo to phase out all Styrofoam to-go boxes and replace them with 100% reusable to-go boxes.

Contact Us:

President: Ryan Biller

Vice President: Blake Poole

Marketing Coordinator: Oliver Jacobsen

Special Projects ManagerKasha Wright

Compost ManagerChristopher Smith