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The Club Advisory Board (CAB) is responsible for the establishment of new clubs and the allocation of monies to registered clubs. CAB is also an information center for any student interested in becoming involved in one of our clubs and organizations.

There is something for almost everyone, and if there isn't a club that fits your interests, CAB has the resources to help such students get their own club started and a jump-start fund of $50.

All members attend quarterly meetings in which clubs may request a portion of funding from student fees to help fund their activities. CAB can also assist clubs with advertising, event planning, and travel arrangements.

CAB is located in the University Center, on the 2nd floor, at the front desk of the Student Life Office. Office hours are from 8-5pm, Monday - Friday. 

Summer Club Officer & Advisor Training:

Are you a club officer for the 2021-22 school year? Please watch the training video below!

Contact Information

Director: Nate Ansah
[email protected]

Assistant Director: Gigi Tomon
[email protected]

Financial Advisor: Gwyn Elliott
[email protected]



Events Advisor: James Garcia
[email protected]

Communications Advisor: Angelina DeCrow
[email protected]

Organization Email:
[email protected]