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As the cultural hub of western Colorado, Colorado Mesa University (CMU) places paramount importance on cultivating an environment that embodies respect, safety, and well-being. Our institution is steadfastly committed to fostering a campus devoid of violence, abuse, intimidation, or discrimination.

The Diversity and Inclusion Office serves as a cornerstone, dedicated to bolstering the diverse student body with its wide spectrum of backgrounds and interests. Collaboratively engaging with various departments of the university, this office extends vital support to both students and faculty, ensuring that CMU's educational journey remains a bastion of uninhibited idea exchange and a promoter of equitable and civil discourse.

Colorado Mesa University extends its unwavering commitment to inclusivity and support to all individuals, extending its services without exception to anyone, irrespective of factors including, but not limited to, age, race/ethnicity, language, national origin, religion/faith, gender, ability status, veteran status, immigration status, political ideology, socioeconomic background, or sexual orientation.

Report an incident

If you, or someone you know, has experienced an act of discrimination or hate, report it and get support.