Educational Access Services (EAS)


For Students with Disabilities

(A Division of Advising & Academic Services)


Educational Access Services (EAS) recognizes disability as an aspect of diversity and an integral part of society. We collaborate with students, faculty, staff, and community members to create an accessible higher education community. EAS provides academic accommodations and promotes universal design principles, enabling students with disabilities the opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of the educational environment as successful and independent learners.

How to Obtain Accommodations

If you have a documented disability and want to request accommodations, please:

  1. Review EAS Documentation Guidelines pertaining to your area of disability for guidance.
  2. Submit appropriate documentation to the Coordinator of Educational Access Services for review to determine initial eligibility. Please note that the length of time for initial documentation review varies according to the time of year documentation is submitted.  Please refer to our EAS Documentation Guidelines for timeline information.  Documentation may be sent via e-mail to the Coordinator of Educational Access Services, dropped off at the EAS office, located in Houston Hall, Room #108, or mailed to: COLORADO MESA UNIVERSITY, att:EAS, 1100 North Ave., Grand Junction, CO 81505
  3. Once documentation has been reviewed to determine eligibility and the student/client is actively enrolled at Colorado Mesa University the Coordinator for Educational Access Services will contact the student/client via their official school email  to establish an EAS Intake Appointment.
  4. The purpose of the Intake Appointment, is to establish and put into place the student's academic accommodations, based on documentation and conversation with the student.  Following the establishment of academic accommodations, memos (Faculty Accommodation Memo) will be sent to the student's instructors informing them of aforementioned accommodations.
  5. Each semester, the student/client is required by law to contact EAS to ask for his/her accommodations. 
  6. Any difficulty in receiving accommodations are to be reported immediately to the Coordinator of Educational Access Services.
  7. Cut off dates for Educational Access Services Intake Appointments occur two (2) weeks prior to Final Exams for that semester.  All applications for services submitted after this date will be considered for the next semester.


Online students: YES, you can receive accommodations!

Online students with documented disabilities may be eligible for extra time on tests and books in alternate formats.

Service animals

Service animals are allowed in public areas of the campus. Emotional Support Animals (ESA's) are not allowed inside campus buildings. The service animal policy is located at:

CMU Service Animal Policy

Do you have barriers to your career because of your disability?

A counselor from Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is available to meet with students in EAS offices during the semester. Call 248-1856 to schedule an appointment.

Contact Information

  • Located in Houston Hall, Room 108
  • Front Desk: 970.248.1856