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How to Obtain Accommodations

Step 1 - Apply

Once a student is enrolled in CMU they will need to complete aNew Student Applicationvia the AIM portal*

Before beginning the application, note: 

  • The application will time out after prolonged periods. We recommend writing long answers in a separate place prior to beginning the application and copying it into the application so nothing is lost. 
  • Submit supporting documentation (IEP, 504, Neuropsychological report, Doctor's note, VA paperwork, etc.) via the AIM portal. Please visit EAS Documentation guidelines for additional information.

Step 2 - Access Meeting

After the application has been submitted, the EAS office will review the documentation and application then contact the student via their official school email to set up a one-hour access meeting appointment. This meeting is required in order to receive accommodations. 


Step 3 - Accommodations Received 

Students will be setup with an AIM account with accommodations deemed reasonable based on the interactive discussion of the student's disability(ies) and reviewal of the documentation. Students will be trained on how to communicate their accommodations via Faculty Accommodation Memos (FAM's) on the AIM portal.


Application Cancellation Policy

If EAS does not hear from the student after they submit their application and EAS's initial communication, EAS will attempt to contact the student via his/her Mavs email or phone for up to one month after the application submission date. After attempting to contact the student at least 3 times without success EAS will cancel the student's application.

Student Responsibilities
  1. Each semester, the student is required to log in to their AIM portal to send their accommodations to their new professors. 
  2. The student will need to contact EAS with any concerns, questions or changes needed. 
  3. Please Note: Accommodations are Not Retroactive, is it imperative to request accommodations in a timely manner.

*AIM Portal-Accessible Information Management: A comprehensive Accommodation, Appointment and Case Management software designed for disability services departments