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You are not alone when it comes to accommodating students with disabilities; neither are you expected to be an expert on disabilities. Call on Educational Access Services (EAS) to request help, to get answers to questions, to raise concerns, or to get clarification on Colorado Mesa University's and Western Colorado Community College's policies and procedures relating to students with disabilities. The design and implementation of disability-related accommodations is a collaborative process involving the student, EAS, and the faculty member.

Implications Regarding the Law:

There are four main implications regarding the laws governing disability-related services in higher education.

  1. Students with disabilities must meet the same admission standards as other students.
  2. Once admitted, they have the same rights to all programs and facilities and are eligible to receive reasonable accommodations that relate to their disability.
  3. They have a right to confidentiality of all disability-related information.
  4. Students with disabilities are responsible to meet the same academic standards as other students. While students may receive some reasonable accommodations intended to mitigate the educational impact of their disabilities, these accommodations should not water down the curriculum, alter the standards for performance nor waive any course or class activity that provides students with essential knowledge or skills.

Faculty and Staff Resources

Faculty and staff handbook