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October 24-30, 2022

Join us as we marvel at the magnificence of the Mavily! Grand Junction’s dynamic duo, CMU and Timberline Bank, promise a Homecoming worthy of every past, present and future Maverick’s heroic feats! Inspired by the Bat-Signal, Maverick Rising summons us to celebrate our inner superheroes together. Bane, Two-Face, Timberwolves, beware! We overpower every obstacle and unravel every diabolical plot. Nothing can subdue the ever courageous and powerful Maverick spirit. As Maverick Rising beams up in the sky, wear maroon and gold, and let your Mav salute fly!

Student Schedule

Check out all the Homecoming events geared to our current Mavericks.

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Community and Alumni Schedule

View the 2022 Homecoming events, and come out and show your Maverick pride this October.

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October 28-30 is also Parents' Weekend at CMU. Visit the Parents' Weekend website for more information and to RSVP.