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There are many new things coming to the Intramural Sports office! Check this page to see updates on all things Intramural Sports!

Registration for Spring 1st Mod Intramural Sports will open Friday, December 15th at 12pm (Noon).

Registration will CLOSE Friday, February 9th at 12pm (Noon).


Intramural Sport leagues are offered through the semester. Typically, these leagues consist of a four week regular season, and then include a single elimination tournament at the end of the regular season.

Weekend Tournaments

Weekend tournaments are offered for various activities through each semester. These are geared to be more competitive than your typical recreational event.

Tournaments will typically begin at 1:00pm on the tournament date, and end around 6:00pm

Special Events

Special events are hosted throughout the semester. Be on the lookout for awesome events, such as Intramural Battleship, and Strobelight Dodgeball.