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Step 1: Select New Officers

If your club elects new officers during the Spring Semester, you can start the registration process now! If your club does not elect new officers until the Fall semester begins, please insure that your current officers are checking their emails and are sharing with other members, as CAB will be sending out important information during the summer.

Step 2: Update OrgSync Profile

To renew your club a registration, a current club officer will need to update the profile. If your club needs to be renewed, you will have a notice at the top of your page, like this:

1. You can click there, or click "Settings" on the bottom left side of the screen. Please go through and update all information, especially new officer information.

2. Please grant administrator access to new officers by clicking on "People", then clicking their name (If they aren't in the portal already, please send them an invite). When their mini profile pops up, click "Manage" and select "Administrator".

3. You will receive an email confirmation from OrgSync that your registration has been approved.

Step 3: Club Officer Training

As with previous years, all officers, regardless of if they have been an officer before, must attend Club Officer Training in the fall. This will occur in August and September. Clubs will not be officially re-registered until all officers have attended training. You will receive emails over the summer about specific dates for club officer training.

OrgSync Tutorial:

If you need help navigating, please check out the Troubleshooting Discussion Threads, or visit OrgSync's help pages.

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