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About KMSA

KMSA 91.3 FM was established in 1975 in Grand Junction with the goal of providing music lovers with an alternative to the typical hits of our times. At KMSA 91.3 FM, we enjoy creating and offering a broad range of programming that makes us the best and most diverse radio station in Grand Junction. KMSA is a student-run radio station who prides itself in bringing you the best in alternative music. This is music for the Mavericks.

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Meet the KMSA team


Advisor Gary Michaels: Gary started his radio career in central Minnesota where he grew up, and it has taken him to Colorado multiple times, Texas, and Wisconsin. He keeps ending up in Colorado, and you can attribute that to his love for mountain biking, skiing powder, and kayaking on the beautiful landscape this great state has. His experience in broadcasting spans across the board from programming and production to sales and marketing. He enjoys spending time with his KMSA team and teaching them all about the radio world.


Tyler MacDonald: Year: Sophomore, Major: Marketing, I am from Fruita, CO. I have a lots of favorite music Various tunes. It either has 2 billion or 2 streams on Spotify, with no in-between. My passion for the radio is that I like upholding and spreading the human values that great organizations have. I believe that KMSA is very much in touch with its role as a generator of fun and community, so I want to make sure these virtues enduringly correspond with the company.


Luke Duggan: I am a post-baccalaureate student in CMU's Initial Teacher Licensure program. I have a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Northern Colorado. In addition to taking classes through CMU, I am working as a student-teacher at Fruita Middle School. I'm from the tiny town of Grover, Colorado. My early musical influences were the classic rock and country of my parents and Tony Hawk's American Wasteland soundtrack. My favorite music includes hip-hop, black metal, doom metal, hardcore punk, drum and bass, classic funk, and anything psychedelic or experimental. I need music to fit every emotion. More and more, I find songs that make me feel something new. I'm very happy to be a part of the station because music is one of the most important, and definitely one of the most fun, ways we communicate. It has always kept me inspired to keep going, so being in a place where part of what I do is search for new music is a dream come true. I'm beyond excited to use my time in this position to support independent and unsung artists, our local creative community,  and independent thought. 

Matt Majewski: Sports Director and Sports Editor for Criterion. I'm in my 4th year getting a degree in Mass comm and sports management. I originate from Littleton Colorado. I am into Rap, Hip Hop, Sports broadcasts, and country sports show


Katie Sheperd: My name is Katie, and I'm a Mass Communications major. I hope to work in journalism once I graduate. I'm from Denver, Colorado and I love doing anything outside, including backpacking, skiing, and canoeing. My family has two dogs, five ferrets, a rat, a hawk, and a turtle. I'll listen to any type of music you put in front of me.

Grace Metcalf: My name is Grace I am the music director for KMSA. I am a Mass Communications Major and I am from Lakewood, CO. My favorite type of music is pop combined with rock and I am passionate about radio because I love being able to provide music and entertainment for people to enjoy. After all, music is a big part of my life.




Listen to our Weekly Shows: 
Tuesday: Matt, Dean, and Jared 7-8 pm 
Thursday: Luke 7-9 pm