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Executive Branch:

President Leilani Domingo

[email protected] 

Vice President Myles Newble

[email protected]

Student Trustee Kylie Graham: 

[email protected] 

Chief Financial Officer David Zalinski

 [email protected] 

Speaker of the House Siya Salunke:

[email protected]

Director of External  Emma Flores

[email protected]

Chief of Staff Iris Santana Perez

[email protected]

Press Secretary Mackenzie Collins:

[email protected] 

Supreme Court:

Supreme Court Chief Justice Mia Deye

[email protected]

Supreme Court Justice Jamo L. Moore:

[email protected] 

Supreme Court Justice TBD



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Not sure which senator?

Contact Senate Leader Grace Stebbins:

[email protected] 




House of Representatives:

Members are

Preston Fluekiger [email protected]

Molly O'Buckly [email protected]

Addison Early [email protected]

Kate Gronau [email protected]

Grace Snyder [email protected]

Siya Salunke [email protected]

Beau Thornton [email protected]

Zephaniah Luchavez [email protected]

 Lucas Moore [email protected]


Student Senate:

At Large Senator 

Jonah Christensen: [email protected]

Graduate Senator 

 Open Seat

Social & Behavioral Sciences Senators

Molly Brimhall [email protected]

Physical & Environmental Sciences Senator

 John Monette [email protected]

Biological Sciences Senator

Matthew Pederson: [email protected] 

Health Sciences Senators

Ady Bautista: [email protected] 

Language, Literature & Mass Communication Senator

Maddy Stockton [email protected]

Computer Science & Engineering

 Logan Wilson [email protected]

Mathematics & Statistics Senator

 Michael Nuttal: [email protected]

CMU Tech Senator

 Elijah Lorica: [email protected]

Minority Senator

Iris Santana Perez: [email protected]

 Senator for Students with Varying Abilities 

 Grace Stebbins [email protected]

Montrose Campus Student Senator

Monika Gonzalez: [email protected] 

Business Senator

David Zalinski: [email protected] 

Kinesiology Senator

Kia'i Keone: [email protected] 

Teacher Education Senator

Emma Flores: [email protected]

Music Senator

Sean Halliwell [email protected]

Art and Design Senator

Open Seat

Theatre Arts Senator

 Austin Jensen [email protected]