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The CMU Marketplace provides campus departments with a secure and cost-effective way to extend their business operations to the World Wide Web. The CMU Marketplace is an e-commerce solution hosted offsite by Touchnet. Touchnet supplies the College with a Purchasing Card Industry (PCI) compliant solution for accepting on line payments. The CMU Marketplace is a secure environment to connect buyers and sellers to connect electronically, making it easy for students, parents, alumni and the community to do business with the University. The CMU Marketplace allows departments to easily create online storefronts to sell products or accept online payments.

New uStore Creation Process and Timeline

The following chart outlines the process for creating a new store. The University has two Marketplace environments: Test and Production. Generally the Storefront will be created in the test environment first so that all aspects of the store can be tested. After the test Storefront is approved, the Storefront is then set up in production. Time frames are approximate and dependent upon the complexity of the project, time of school year and urgency.

Week 1

Merchant Manager: Complete New Store Request form. Submit to Marketplace Advisory Committee

Week 2

Marketplace Advisory Committee (MAC): Approve Store request. Forward Store Data Gathering Sheet to Merchant Manager. Schedule meeting with merchant manager and store manager to discuss requirements

Merchant Manager: Complete Store Data Gathering Sheet.

Business Office: Set up host system account with credit card merchant in test

Week 3

MAC & Merchant Manager: Meet to discuss store set-up guidelines and requirements. Set up Merchant and store in the test marketplace. Create logins for Merchant and Store Manager.

Business Office: Set up detail codes in Banner Test

Business Office: Contact Bank to set up new Credit Card Merchant

Store Manager: Add products to Store in Test

Week 4

Store Manager: Test, test, test

Store Manager: Inform Merchant Manager and MAC when store set-up is complete

Week 5

MAC: Review and approve store in test

Business Office: Create Credit Card Merchant and host system account in Production. Create detail codes in Banner production

Store Manager: Build production store

Merchant Manager & MAC: Go Live