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Academic Renewal - Used for students who have sat out for more than five years and don't want to use any prior coursework.

Add/Drop/Withdraw - Add/Withdraw form used for adding and dropping/withdrawing from a class. If dropping all classes, the Semester Withdraw form must be used (below).

Address Change - Change of local, permanent, or billing address or all of them.

Application - Used for New/Transfer students only.


Campus Map - Main campus map shows the locations of all buildings on the main campus.

Change of Schedule/Special Permission or Add/Drop-Add/Drop form used for adding and dropping classes.

COF Maximum Hour Appeal - Used when students exceed 145 COF hours.

Confidentiality - Used for students to limit the release of directory information.

Course Substitution Waiver - Can be used to substitute or waive specific requirements within a major/minor.

Credit By Exam - Used to test out of class if department agrees.

Credit for Prior Learning - Life experience credit through Portfolio Assessment.


Degree Works Course Substitution Waiver - Can be used to substitute or waive specific requirements within a major/minor.

Degree Works Issue Report Form - Can be used to report any errors or issues are found in your degree works report.


Emergency or Hardship Withdraw Request - A late withdraw request in the case of emergency or hardship between the midpoint and three-quarters point of a course.

Enrollment Appeals Form - Can be used for an exception to a specific policy or deadline regarding enrollment.

Exchange Program Credit Agreement (NSE/ISEP) - Used by students participating in the National or International Student Exchange Program to have courses accepted by CMU.


Graduation Instructions - Handout for students planning on graduating within the next year.

Graduation Planning Sheet - Document to help verify the completion of all graduation requirements.


Immunization - Used to provide documentation of immunization (two MMR shots) or medical exemption.

Intent to Graduate - Fill this form out the semester before graduation.


Name Change - For students who have changed their name. Along with the form, students must provide a legal documentation as proof of the name change.


Release of Information - Students may authorize another party to view or inquire about their student record by submitting an electronic form (e-form) through MAVzone. The e-form is located in MAVzone within the My Account tab. Under the “Student” drop-down, select “Student Authorized Release of Information” link.

Request to Inspect/Amend Records - Used when a student would like to review and request an amendment to their academic record based on FERPA guidelines. This gives the student the right to verify that documents in the record are accurate. Requests to amend grades follow the policies in the Student Handbook. Other enrollment related appeals require a written request with supporting documentation provided to the Registrar Appeals committee.

Residency Petition - Used for out of state students who want to be considered in-state for tuition purposes.

Returning Student Application - Students use this link to the online application when they are returning after Academic Suspension or after two or more semesters away from CMU.

Room Request Form (online)- Study rooms and meeting rooms across campus are available for CMU students, faculty and staff to reserve on an as-needed basis. For all reservations, the room is provided as is with the amenities that are native to that location. Please review the Room Resources to ensure you pick the room that meets your needs. Reservations are only for CMU-related activities, all external organizations must go through the full reservation request.


Selective Service Online Verification - Used to verify a Selective Service number as well as the date he registered.

Semester Withdrawal Form - To be used only in cases where the student is completely withdrawing from a semester.

Social Security Change - Used when student's SSN has been changed or we need to verify SSN.

Social Security Request - Used when a student's SSN is not on file with the University.

Special Permission - Used for when there are Registration add errors when registering for classes or when a course requires instructor's permission.

Suspension Appeal (Academic only)- Used when a student experiences a suspension (student is not in good standing and represents a temporary, involuntary separation of the student from the University) that is due to substantial non-academic circumstances outside the student’s control and wished to appeal the separation period.


Transcript Request - Used when requesting a copy of your official transcripts.

Transcript Request from Other Schools - Used for other Institutions to send their transcripts to Colorado Mesa University.

Transfer to Baccalaureate Program - Used for students in an Associates program but want to be in a baccalaureate program.

Transfer Agreement - Used by students who want to take classes at other colleges and transfer it back in.


Verification of Enrollment - For current students, the most convenient way to obtain a verification of enrollment is to use the Enrollment Verification link. You can also find this link in MAVzone under "My Account" under the "Student" drop down.

These are available for you to print upon request. If you have any trouble with this link you can fill out and submit the Verification of Enrollment form, however, it does require a 5-7 day turnaround time for the form to be completed.

Veteran's Information

Veteran's Enrollment Certification Request