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The Golden Scholars program is an opportunity for persons 60 years of age and over to take courses at a discounted rate without the stress of earning a grade. The program benefits:

  • Enroll in almost any Colorado Mesa University course

  • No grades will be assigned as the course is taken under a noncredit "audit" status.

  • The tuition rate is the sum of regular course fees plus $25 per credit hour for in classroom courses or $100 per credit hour for online courses for the no grade, audit status.
  • Easy library access with a Colorado Mesa University Student MAVcard
  • Computer access including e-mail, course downloads, and enhanced online access

  • Discounts on athletic and music/theatre events

  • Access to purchase a $35 per month Rec Center membership

Program limitations:

  • While this program covers a discounted classroom and education experience it doesn’t cover activities listed under the Student Fee Allocation list as Golden Scholars do not have to pay student fees. Due to this discount activities made available through student fees such as participating in student clubs, Student Life events, Outdoor Program trips, Mavrides, and other activities listed under the “Student Fee Allocation” list are not available to Golden Scholars.

All Golden Scholars will be held accountable to the Student Code of Conduct as outlined in the Maverick Guide.

How do I:

Click here for a a printable checklist of these steps and the Golden Scholars Application.