Golden Scholars Program

The Golden Scholars program is an opportunity for persons 60 years of age and over to take courses at a discounted rate without the stress of earning a grade. The program benefits:

  • Enroll in almost any Colorado Mesa University course

  • No grades will be assigned as the course is taken under a noncredit "audit" status.
  • The tuition rate is $25 per credit hour plus any regular course fees for the no grade, audit status.
    • Please keep in mind that J-Term and on-line courses are set fee based courses and the Golden Scholars Tuition Rate will not apply to these courses. See our Tuition and Fees page for current charges for Online Courses.
  • Easy library access with a Colorado Mesa University Student MAVcard
  • Computer access including e-mail, course downloads, and enhanced online access

  • Discounts on athletic and music/theatre events

  • Access to purchase a $35 per month Rec Center membership

How do I:

Complete the Golden Scholars application (click to view the fillable PDF), print and sign, then return it to the Registrar's Office. There is no application fee but please allow up to 3 business days for our office to process your application prior to when you would like to enroll in courses. You will receive a letter confirming your application has been processed and that you have been admitted to the college as a non-degree seeking student. The letter will include your student ID number, username, and password which are used to access your MAVzone and enroll in courses. For additional Information please contact the Registrar's Office at 970-248-1555.

For the most up-to-date course listings, use the course listings website. You can view a PDF with all the courses, use the online course searches through your student MAVzone, or stop by the Registrar's office on campus to view a paper copy of the schedule.

One week before the semester starts, you can officially enroll in courses either through MAVzone or stop by the Registrar's Office on campus. If the class you are interested in attending is closed, it still may be possible to add the class if the instructor approves and signs a Change of Schedule form. If so, return the signed Change of Schedule form to the Registrar's Office or the Montrose Office. For the add/drop deadlines, check out the important dates web page.
Once enrolled for courses, you can take a copy of your schedule to the MAVcard Office in the University Center to get your student ID card. This is used in the library, computer lab, and for discounts on athletic, music, theatre events. For additional information please contact the MAVcard office at 970-248-1059.

Tuition and fees are not assessed until you are officially enrolled in the course(s). Payment is due to the Office of Student Accounts by the first day of class. Tuition and fees can be paid online through MAVzone or to Student Accounts. As noted above, the tuition rate is $25 per credit hour for any in class courses plus any regular course fees. Most lecture courses do not have an additional course fee. Typical courses with additional fees are art, science labs, technology-based courses, online/distance courses, and a handful of specialized Extended Studies courses. Course fees are listed in the "Fees" column of the course schedule. For additional Information please contact Student Accounts at 970-248-1567. 

Please keep in mind that on-line, summer, and J-term classes are set fee based courses and the Golden Scholars Tuition rates will not apply to these courses. See our Tuition and Fees page for current charges for On-line Courses.