Diploma Request

Standard Diploma Request

Did you change your name and would like a diploma to reflect that? Or did you lose your diploma? Or did you attend Mesa State College, Mesa College, Grand Junction State Junior College or Grand Junction Junior College and would like a diploma with the Colorado Mesa University name?

Submit the request below to receive an updated diploma. Please allow 1 week for processing of duplicate diploma requests from date of receipt.

Standard Diploma Request

Typographical Error Diploma Request

Colorado Mesa University was made aware of a typographical error on diplomas issued between 2012 and 2018. 

CMU is providing immediate replacement diplomas to all affected graduates. Your reprinted diploma will be mailed two business days following the request.

Typographical Error Diploma Request

Sample DiplomaOrders must be submitted by the graduate to comply with federal education records law (FERPA). If online ordering is not working for you, or you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office for assistance.

The Registrar's Office processes diplomas and transcripts. Requests can be processed only after all outstanding financial obligations to the university are met.


Diplomas and transcripts from Grand Junction Junior College, Grand Junction State Junior College, Mesa College and Mesa State College are still valid. Once you earn a degree from our institution, the name of the college/university does not change the degree earned, nor the date it was awarded. Legally, any new documentation will have Colorado Mesa University, but all prior documentation is still valid.



There is no set standard, but many list the name of the new institution followed by the name used when you received your degree. This will make it easier for anyone searching for the institution. For example: Bachelor of Arts from Colorado Mesa University (formerly known as Mesa State College). After August 10, 2011, all transcripts issued are from Colorado Mesa University. To request an official copy of your transcripts, visit the Registrar's Office.

Generally, you need an official or unofficial transcript. This is the official document showing proof of a degree earned. Follow the transcript request procedures through the Registrar's Office to obtain a transcript.