Credit for Prior Learning

What is Credit for Prior Learning ?

The practice of awarding credit for college level prior learning is based upon the belief that the education which builds on, interprets, and incorporates past and present knowledge is the education that is most meaningful to the student.

Colorado Mesa University (CMU) and Western Colorado Community College (WCCC) recognize that students may have gained college level knowledge and competencies through their work and life experiences which can be incorporated into their academic programs. Consequently, we offer a number of ways for students to earn credit for prior learning: credit through national and/or departmental exams, CLEP, DANTES, Departmental Challenge, Advanced Placement, military credits for non-accredited training (ACE) as well as a portfolio assessment process by which prior learning can be analyzed, articulated, documented, and assessed for credit.


  1. Students are encouraged to seek transfer of prior college credits as the first step.
  2. Explore all testing opportunities - visit the Testing Center for more information.
  3. There are also departmentally-created tests for certain courses. Contact the Academic Department Head/Program Director for more information.
  4. Finally, the development of a portfolio can be pursued for many technical or applications-based areas. Students must take the Portfolio Development Workshop SUPP 105 before creating a portfolio. Contact WCCC Student Services for enrollment information.

Prior Learning Resources

Policy and Application for Prior Learning Credit

CLEP/ DANTES program credit

Credit by Examination

Transfer Credit Evaluation

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