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The Career Advance Colorado program offers zero-cost training for in-demand jobs. Starting in August 2023, students who enroll in qualifying programs will have their tuition, student fees and course fees covered after any scholarships or grants have been applied to the students account. Qualifying students will also receive a book stipend. Book stipends will be $100 for certificate students and $300 for associates. 

Eligibility Criteria

This program will cover the tuition for any course the student is enrolled in including any Essential Learning (ENGL, MATC, ect) courses taken toward the qualifying degree.


The Career Advance Scholarship will be automatically applied to the student's financial aid package once their declared major is verified after campus census (last day to add/drop full semester classes).

Students who need to claim a book stipend over the awarded amount will need to complete the required eform and provide documentation to have the funds applied to their CMU Account. 

Student FAQ