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Merit scholarships for incoming freshman and transfer students are renewable.  In order to continue to be eligible, the student must meet the minimum general requirements and the minimum GPA based on the scholarship. Students eligibility for continuing their merit scholarship will be evaluated on an annual basis. 

Minimum General Requirements:

  • Student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours for each consecutive fall and spring semester
  • Not eligible for summer semester
    • In-State Distinguished Scholarship recipients, may choose to utilize their scholarship for courses taken in the summer term. Using summer funding will count towards the 120 maximum credit limit.
  • Undergraduate course work only
  • A maximum of 120 life-time, attempted credit hours (including previously earned credits) or the student's first bachelor's degree
    • Previously earned credits include: AP/IB Credits, Credits earned from concurrent or dual enrollment courses taken while in high school, and/or credits earned for courses from another accredited college or university. 
Taking a semester off? Less than full time? Submit a scholarship appeal to see if you could still be eligible for your scholarship based on your individual circumstances.  Scholarship Appeal Form

Renewal Criteria

Renewal GPA requirements have changed beginning with the 2024-2025 academic year.


Annual Value Minimum Cumulative Institutional GPA

Distinguished Scholar
(Colorado Resident)
(Initial award Spring 2024 and before)

Tuition Only 3.50

Students awarded an in state Distinguished Scholarship prior to 2024 will be evaluated and awarded on their original Terms & Conditions until all recipients have graduated or reached maximum award. 

Distinguished Scholar
(Colorado Resident)
(Awarded starting with 2024-2025 academic year)

Tuition Only 3.75
Only students originally awarded an In-State Distinguished Scholarship will be evaluated and awarded above the Trustee level of merit during the annual evaluation process. 
Trustee's $7,500 3.50
President's $5,000 3.25
Academic Achievement $3,000 3.00

Beginning with the 2024-2025 academic year, Out-of-State Distinguished Scholars have been moved to the Trustee level. 

 Transfer Scholarships

Scholarship Annual Value

Minimum Cumulative
Institutional GPA

Canyon Passage
(Initial Award Spring 2018 and before)


Two Rivers $2,000


Phi Theta Kappa