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Your Daniels Fund community is here to support you. We have resources to, career exploration and internships, financial coaching and overall support.  

If you have an in-depth question or situation, or you need scholarship or financial specific help, get on Mack's calendar!

For academic advising needs, IRIS is always here to support you on your academic journey! Schedule with an IRIS Academic Advisor to utilize their specialties!


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Mollie Kelley

Meet Your Peer Ambassador

  • Major:  Culinary Arts | Baking & Pastry Arts | Hospitality Management
  • Class Standing: Junior
  • Hometown: Eads, Colorado
  • Hobbies & Interests: Cooking/Baking, Hiking, Going to the Gym, & Concerts
  • Why I Chose CMU: I chose CMU because they have an impressive culinary/baking program through CMU Tech that connects into a 4-year degree on main campus. The instructors and professors in these programs are great, as is the welcoming community of students. CMU was the perfect in between distance from home for me, and the gorgeous scenery is always a bonus! 


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Tyler Neil

Meet Your Peer Ambassador

  • Major: 
  • Class Standing: 
  • Hometown: 
  • Hobbies & Interests: 
  • Why I Chose CMU: I chose CMU because 

If you want or need a quick check in - your Peer Ambassadors, Mollie Kelley and Tyler Neil are more than happy to grab a coffee on us to meet you!

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