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Transfer Scholarships are available to all first-time transfer students to Colorado Mesa University.
  • Transfer students applying for admission to Colorado Mesa University will automatically be considered for the following scholarships and completing an additional application is not required.
  • Transfer students entering CMU with less than 24 college-level semester credit (not including concurrent, IB or AP credits) will be reviewed for Incoming Freshmen Merit Awards.
  • The GPA calculation is cumulative for all colleges/universities that the student has attended.
  • International students and students with previous baccalaureate degrees are NOT eligible for these awards. 

If you are an incoming transfer student and would like to be reconsidered for a merit scholarship due to a change in your qualifying information, please contact the Admissions Office.

Two Rivers Scholarship, $2,000
THR Badge Gold

Accept your Merit Scholarship

Were you awarded a merit scholarship? View and accept your Financial Aid award

  • Choose the academic year you will be attending
  • Click the "Terms and Conditions" tab, read carefully and click "Accept"
  • Click the "Accept Award" tab and select your decision in the "Accept Award" column
  • Click "Submit Decision"

Renewal Information

The Transfer Scholarships are renewable if the student continues to meet the minimum requirements.

  • Student must successfully complete a minimum of 12 credit hours each fall and spring semester (not available during the summer session)
  • Available until the student earns a bachelor's degree or reaches a maximum of 120 attempted credit hours including transfer credits.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA based on the award.
  • Must have completed 25 to 105 semester credits.
  • See the Terms and Conditions for additional criteria.