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As things stand, the ongoing student loan payment pause is set to expire 60 days after the United States Supreme Court concludes the litigation surrounding student loan debt cancellation or, if there is not a decision by June 30, payments would then resume at the end of August.

Please read and follow the instructions carefully. If you have any questions or concerns contact the IRIS staff for Financial Aid assistance at 970.248.1177. 

Follow the steps below to prepare to enter repayment on your federal loans.

Step 1

Use your FSA ID to log in

Log in at

Your FSA ID (the same you used to complete your FAFSA) will include a username and password. Once logged in, view and update your personal information and confirm your student loan servicer.

Click here for tips on retrieving your FSA ID.

Step 2

Confirm your student loan servicer

Your servicer may vary depending on the type of loan you have. If you don’t know who your servicer is, log on to and visit the “My Loan Servicers” section of your dashboard.

  1. Log in to your loan servicer account

    Create an account or log in to an existing one via the servicer’s website. Review and update your personal contact information, including your email and mailing address, so your servicer can reach you.

Step 3

Review and update your payment information

If you were previously signed up for automatic debit before the payment pause began, you must reauthorize or select automatic debit through your loan servicer account.

  1. Reauthorize or select auto debit for monthly payments

    Automatic payments will allow your loan payments to be automatically withdrawn from your bank account every month.

  2. Update your banking information

    Update any changed banking information to ensure you either proactively make a payment by the deadline or are prepared for the funds to be withdrawn by auto debit.

  3. Review payment due date and amount

    Make note of your monthly payment amount and the date your first payment will be due along with future payments.