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The FosterEd (formerly Foster Youth) Financial Assistance Program was created by the State of Colorado (SB 22-008) to assist Colorado resident students who have been in the foster care system on or after turning 13. 

This program provides financial assistance for the remaining cost of the student's attendance over the amount of any private, state, or federal financial aid a qualifying student receives. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Student was placed in foster care (as defined by 19-1-103 C.R.S.), in Colorado at any time on or after their 13th birthday;

    • or was in non-certified kinship care and was, at any time, adjudicated neglected or dependent pursuant to article 3 of title 19

  • Attending a state institution of higher education, local district college, or area technical college
  • In their first 132 semester credit hours (concurrent and dual enrollment courses will not be counted towards these credit limits)
  • Completed FAFSA/CASFA
  • Completed application for Chafee Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Grant, if eligible
  • Enrolled in courses leading toward a certificate of completion, associates, bachelor’s, or postgraduate degree
  • Satisfactory academic standing as defined by the institution of attendance
  • Note, there is no age limit on this program


  1. Our CMU Financial Aid Office representative: Brandon Kendall or 970-248-1409 will identify if you are eligible.
  2. Provide CMU with proof of foster care eligibility on a court affidavit Confirmation of Foster Care experience from child welfare database.
    • If you do not have these forms, you can reach out to the Colorado Department of Higher Education at  [email protected].
  3. CMU and the State of Colorado are both responsible for paying 50% of the students Cost of Attendance.
    • Please allow 3-5 days for fund processing after documentation is received.
    • You will receive a refund for any amount over the charges on your account.

For additional questions or guidance, please reach out to one of our Foster Youth Support Contacts:

  • First Time or Newly Admitted Students: if you are interested in Admissions to either CMU or WCCC or are newly admitted and have questions please make an appointment with Stephanie Parsons
  • Continuing CMU and WCCC Students: if you are a current student at CMU or WCCC and want to learn more please make an appointment with Justin Little.  
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