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Welcome to Colorado Mesa University parent financial aid information page. We look forward to helping you through the financial aid process and invite you to contact us with any questions at 970.248.1396 or [email protected].

Things To Be Aware Of

  • We communicate through the student's campus email and the MAVzone which is the campus portal. It would be helpful to remind your student to check these often and forward any important communications from the university to you.
  • Student records are protected by the federal Family Educational Rights and Protection Act (FERPA). The FERPA web page will explain what our office can and cannot release to parents.
  • Remind your student to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year. Parent's tax information and FSA ID signature is needed to complete the FAFSA and ANY subsequent changes.
  • Students should apply for Colorado Mesa University scholarships by the deadline each year.
  • Most undergraduate students are considered "dependent" for federal, state, and university aid up to age 24. However, communication from the university, including financial aid awards and tuition bills are sent directly to the student.
  • Be sure to keep your FSA ID information in a safe place, as you will need this information in subsequent years. Remind your son or daughter of this also.

Parent FSA ID

The parent who will sign the FAFSA or will be seeking a PLUS loan will need to apply for one. You can apply for an FSA ID online. Once this has been established, you do not need to apply for one each year. It is very important to keep your user name and password, as you will need these in future years.

The FSA ID gives you access to Federal Student Aid's online systems such as the FAFSA and loan information. This can also serve as your legal signature. The FSA ID replaces the PIN that was used in the past.

Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)

The PLUS for undergraduate students allows parents to borrow up to the total cost of education less any other aid received by the student. The PLUS loan is credit based, however a FAFSA is required.

Learn more about the PLUS loan option by exploring these frequently asked questions.