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In the event that you start to feel ill and are experiencing symptoms, we would like you to follow this protocol to help limit exposure to others.  If you have questions, please contact our main office number (970-248-1536) or email [email protected].


  1. Isolate yourself in your dorm room (self- quarantine).
  2. Call the Community Health Partnership COVID-19 line at644.4001.
    1. DO NOT go to the emergency room or clinic before calling and getting direction.
  3. Text or Call RA to let them know you are not well
    1. Inform RA (text or call) of your appointment time/place.
  4. The Director or Asst. Director of Res Life will call you within 15 minutes of your call to the RA. We want to be able to help you move safely to your appointment. One of our staff will assist you to your car or to the Student Wellness Center. You will have to have a mask on to move through the hall.  Please do not leave your room without our assistance. This is important for us to be able to track what and who has been exposed.
  5. Upon leaving your appointment at the Student Wellness Center or drive through testing center, you will contact the Director or Asst. Director on their cell phone. We will meet you outside of the residence hall to assist in moving through the halls again.
  6. Depending where you live, you and/or your roommates/suitemates/apartment residents, may be asked to move to more isolated rooms. This is to try to insure safety for all.
  7. If you are asked to move to a more isolated location, you will pack up some necessities and walk with Res Life admin to temporary housing on campus. We will deliver food to you and help as we can while doing our best to contain the virus.
  8. Your room and other areas that may have been touched will be thoroughly cleaned by our custodial staff – including bedding, linens and clothes that are out.
  9. The Director or Asst. Director will communicate with you daily.
  10. RA contact should be through calls or text messages. Please do not expect them to meet face to face.