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Want to get more involved in your residence hall and on campus? Want to meet lots of new people? Want to your fellow students be able to succeed in college? Want to do all of this without having to leave campus? Then you should check out the variety of leadership opportunities provided by Residence Life. Residence Life is the largest employer of students on the CMU campus.

Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants (RAs) are the members of the Residence Life Staff you’ll probably get to know best. RAs are individuals who are committed to making on-campus living a fun and rewarding experience. Resident Assistants receive ongoing training in areas such as peer counseling, crisis intervention and roommate conflict resolution so that they may be of greater help to you during the year. RA’s are compensated with room and a meal plan. Stay tuned to the Residence Life main page for information regarding the application process. For more information about the Residence Assistant position please visit our information page.

Residence Hall Councils

Residence Hall Council is a student-led organization that works closely with the Residence Life staff to produce positive changes in on-campus living. RHC plans and executes events, programs, and community service projects for resident enjoyment. In addition to planning enjoyable programs, RHC works toward being the residents’ voice and advocating residents’ issues to the Housing department. Joining RHC is an excellent way to meet new friends and get involved with the issues that directly affect you and your “home.” The RHC experience will also provide outstanding opportunities to develop interpersonal, time management, and leadership skills that will prove to be useful in the future.

Desk Attendant

The Desk Attendant (DA) position is an integral member of the residence hall, serving as one of the front-line representatives of the Colorado Mesa University community. Due to the dynamic environment of a residence hall front desk, a successful candidate should be able to manage administrative, customer service, and security-related tasks. The DA, often the first contact for residents, visitors, and persons outside the CMU community, must demonstrate professionalism and customer service at all times, while also responding quickly and effectively in emergency situations.

Conduct Board Member

The Conduct Board hears discipline cases that occur within our residence halls and apartments. The benefits to being a board member are: gain a better understanding of Housing policies; gain experience in conflict resolution and mediation; develop your communication skills; and better understand your values and beliefs. Come and meet new people, help make a difference and help shape the on-campus environment. Conduct Board members receive a small scholarship each semester.

Summer Conference Assistant

Summer Conference Assistants (CAs) serve as liaisons between Summer Conference guests and the Department of Residence Life at Colorado Mesa University. Under the supervision of the Summer Conference Coordinator, CAs assist in the preparation of residence hall accommodations for various summer programs and serve as resources regarding issues related to the campus and local community. In previous years, the Summer Conference program has hosted religious youth groups, sports camps, family/student orientations, non-profit organizations, etc. No prior Residence Life work experience is required. CA applications normally become available in February or March.

Showroom Scholarship

A showroom is a room that prospective students and visitors may tour when accompanied by a CMU staff or student staff member. Showrooms will be utilized during all campus visitation programs (ex: Mesa Experience, Orientation, etc.) as well as during campus tours and individual visits. Students and their roommates/suitemates should not be present while the tour is coming through their room.

The application for 2023-2024 is now closed.