Residence Halls

At CMU, the learning experience goes well beyond the classroom. In particular, our on-campus living options offer you a multitude of opportunities for academic and personal growth in a safe and welcoming community.

Colorado Mesa University’s residence halls are state-of-the-art. In fact, most of them were built or renovated within the last decade. Each hall has something to offer, including quiet study space and places for community activities.

For a tour of each building, please visit our Facebook page and see the archived live videos for each hall! If you have any building specific questions, feel free to add comments to the video feed. 

All of the CMU Residence Halls include the following:

  • Security—MAVcard access for each hall; staffed front desks for approximately 18 hours a day; security cameras; dedicated GJPD officers and CMU officers on duty throughout the week.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to arrange insurance for such personal possessions. (Often a parent's policy can be extended to cover the student's belongings while they're away at university). You can also purchase renter's insurance through National Student Services, Inc.
  • Free Wi-Fi, laundry, computer labs, cable TV, extra-long mattresses on every bed. (79” by 38”)
  • “Traditional” halls host community bathrooms with a ratio of 1:4-6 residents per shower stall.  Restrooms are cleaned twice daily on weekdays and at least once each weekend day.
  • “Suites” and “Semi-Suites” are the responsibility of the residents to keep clean.  Custodial staff clean the building common areas, but not inside the residences.

Please take a moment to explore our residence hall offerings. Whether you prefer a traditional room, suite, semi-suite, or an apartment, we know you’ll feel comfortable in your home away from home.

Bunting Hall—Semi-Suite

Bunting Hall, built in 2011, is coed and houses 323 first-year students. Bunting offers single, super single, double, and double lofted rooms, with 4 residents sharing a semi-suite that consists of the bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Each floor has its own lounge and community kitchen, as well as multiple study lounges in the building. 

A Study Intensive communitiy is available here.

Garfield Hall—Traditional

Garfield Hall, completed in 2015, is coed and houses 437 first-year students.  This hall offers community bathrooms, study lounges, TV gathering areas, and laundry on each floor. Custodial staff clean restrooms and common areas twice a day during the week and once each weekend day.

Criminal Justice and Study Intensive communities are available here.

Grand Mesa Hall—Suite

Grand Mesa Hall is coed by suite and houses 286 first-year residents (limited space for second-year residents). The suites have a mixture of single, super single and double bedrooms. Each suite has two bathrooms with separate counter and sink facilities. The living areas in each suite will have comfortable seating and a 42” flat screen wall mounted TV. Custodial staff does NOT clean anything in the suite, but does clean the building common areas. Residents are responsible for cleaning their suite and bathrooms!

Performing Arts and Study Intensive communities are available here.

Monument Hall—Semi-Suite

Monument Hall is coed and houses 180 first year students. Monument is designated as a Wellness Lifestyle/Substance-Free Community, committed to student drug/alcohol free wellness and academic success. Regardless of age, students are not permitted to have alcohol or illicit drugs anywhere on campus. However, students who live in Monument Hall share this commitment to making responsible decisions regarding personal wellness through a signed contract and by helping to create events and programs for the community. The rooms are semi-suite style where two rooms share a bathroom.

A Wellness Themed Community is available here. 

Piñon Hall—Traditional

In August 2015, CMU opened the doors to a completely reimagined and renovated Piñon Hall. Most 2nd and 3rd floor rooms include a shared balcony. 

Mary Rait and Jay Tolman Halls—Traditional

Both residence halls are coed and house 198-201 first and second year students. Although these are older halls, we often find that they build the best communities with students. Each hall has two common rooms which encourages our residents to get to know each other. There are also balconies on most 2nd and 3rd floor rooms. Some rooms have murphy bed systems where others have moveable furniture.

Study Intensive and the Outdoor Program communities are available in Tolman and Study Intensive is available in Rait.

Wingate Hall

The new construction west of Garfield Hall houses traditional rooms with an academic focus. It is coed (by floor) and houses 148 first-year students who have a strong focus on academics. Each suite of two rooms features a lofted study room for the four residents. This hall offers community kitchens, bathrooms, study lounges, TV lounges and laundry on each floor. Custodial staff cleans restrooms and common areas twice a day during the week and once a day on weekends.

Lucero Hall Suites (formerly North Avenue Hall)

Much like Grand Mesa Suites in floor plan, this hall connects with the Lucero Hall Apartments.


Other Halls— for second year students and beyond

Lucero Hall Apartments (formerly North Avenue Hall)

This residence was built for the opportunity for students to experience true apartment living. There are six residents to an apartment (made of single or double rooms). This hall connects with Lucero Suites. 

Orchard Avenue Apartments

This residence hall is on the north side of campus, near our Health Sciences North campus. There is a GPA requirement of 2.5 to live here. In addition, Orchard Avenue Apartments hosts one floor of the themed living community for our Health Sciences focused students. There are three to six residents per apartment (made of single or double rooms).

Walnut Ridge Apartments

These apartments are located in the heart of campus, close to everything. There are three or four residents per apartment (made of single or double rooms).