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At CMU, the learning experience goes well beyond the classroom. In particular, our on-campus living options offer you a multitude of opportunities for academic and personal growth in a safe and welcoming community.

Colorado Mesa University’s residence halls are state-of-the-art. In fact, most of them were built or renovated within the last decade. Each hall has something to offer, including quiet study space and places for community activities.

Residence Hall Tours

For a tour of each building, please visit our Facebook page and see the archived live videos for each hall! If you have any building specific questions, feel free to add comments to the video feed. 

All of the CMU Residence Halls include the following:

  • Security—MAVcard access for each hall; staffed front desks for approximately 18 hours a day; security cameras; dedicated GJPD officers and CMU officers on duty throughout the week.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to arrange insurance for personal possessions. (Often a parent's policy can be extended to cover the student's belongings while they're away at university). You can also purchase renter's insurance through National Student Services, Inc.
  • Free Wi-Fi, laundry, computer labs, cable TV, extra-long mattresses on every bed (79” by 38”) with the exception of Aspen beds which are full mattresses. (75" by 54")

Traditional Halls

“Traditional” halls host community bathrooms on each floor with a ratio of 1 shower stall per 4-6 residents. Restrooms are cleaned twice daily on weekdays and at least once each weekend day.

Suites & Semi-Suites

“Suites” and “Semi-Suites” include shared bathrooms for each suite which are the responsibility of the residents to keep clean. Custodial staff clean the building common areas, but not inside the residences.

Residence Hall Options

Please take a moment to explore our residence hall offerings. Whether you prefer a traditional room, suite, semi-suite, or an apartment, we know you’ll feel comfortable in your home away from home.

Apartments (for second year students and above)