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Walnut Ridge Apartments house 118 students in three different buildings. The apartments are either three or four person capacity and house mainly upper-division students. In the three person apartments, there is one double bedroom and one single bedroom. The four person apartments have one double bedroom and two single bedrooms. All apartments are furnished with carpet and moveable furniture including a kitchen table, four chairs, desks, desk chairs, beds (with extra-long twin-size mattresses), a couch, an end table, and a coffee table. Walnut Ridge also offers two laundry rooms in the complex.

What to Bring

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Floor Plans of Walnut Ridge Apartments:

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360° Views

Take a spin inside. Use your mouse to rotate the panorama view inside the residence hall. Zoom in and out, or make it full screen for a better view.

Walnut Ridge Apartment Double Room

Swamp Cooler Instructions and Tips

  • Make sure the baseboard heater is off - Turn the heating thermostat down to the lowest setting (50°)
  • Turn the pump on – The first step is to turn the pump on to wet the pads before turning on the fan. Always turn the pump on for approximately 5 minutes to ensure the pads get wet enough.
  • Once the pads are wet - Turn on the fan to either high or low to begin circulating cool air through your dorm.
  • Always open a window(s) – when running your swamp cooler. As swamp coolers push cool air through the duct system, the hot air gets pushed out through open windows.
    • This is opposite of refrigerated air conditioning where you keep your windows and doors shut when the air conditioner is on.