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Sending mail off-campus

Outgoing letters can be dropped in the outgoing mailbox in your residence hall, or taken to the local post office. Larger items will need to be taken to the Grand Junction Post Office on the corner of 4th Street and White Avenue, or send via the UPS or FedEx stores.

Receiving mail

Incoming mail needs to be addressed as follows:

Student’s Name
Residence Hall Address, Room #
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Mail is delivered to the halls/apartments by the United States Postal Carrier assigned to each residence hall. A staff member in each hall is assigned to deliver mail to resident’s boxes by 6pm each day (Monday-Saturday).

Residence Hall Addresses

View street addresses for each residence hall on the corresponding page.


Packages and mail received through Central Receiving are only received/delivered on weekdays! Special delivery of flowers or bakery products, etc. must be delivered to the Residence Life Office for pick up by the resident during regular business hours 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, as delivery personnel do not have access to the locked residence halls and Residence Life is closed on weekends and holidays.

If you have received a package, it will be indicated in one of two ways:

  1. The desk attendant at the front desk of your residence hall will log the package and write your name on a board at the front desk.

  2. If you receive a yellow slip you will need to go to the main Grand Junction Post Office, located on the corner of 4th Street and White Avenue, to pick up the package.

Walnut Ridge Residents

You will receive a packages and mail at the Rait Hall desk from the desk attendant. 

FedEx, UPS

All packages are delivered directly to the front desk of your residence hall. Please note: If a Desk Attendant is not available during the delivery time, delivery will be delayed. Walnut Ridge residents can pick up their packages at the Rait Hall front desk. Students track when the package arrives and can pick up their packages at the front desk after deliveries are made and the package has been logged by the Desk Attendant.

Notify all senders of your new address

Before you leave campus, make sure you contact all senders with your new address. The United States Postal Service will no longer forward mail addressed to CMU addresses and it will be returned to sender automatically.

Where does my mail go in the summer?

Housing will return to sender “First Class Mail” or mail with a first class postage stamp. Magazines, bulk mail, presorted standard, and non-profit organization mail is not forwarded. If you are moving to summer housing, please forward your mail with the US Postal Service.