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Study rooms and meeting rooms across campus are available for CMU students, faculty and staff to reserve on an as-needed basis. For all reservations, the room is provided as is with the amenities that are native to that location. Please review the Room Resources to ensure you pick the room that meets your needs. Reservations are only for CMU-related activities, all external organizations must go through the full reservation request.

Event Request

For groups outside of or not related to CMU, an event request must be completed so that we can best meet your needs. Faculty and staff should also use this form for special reservation requests.

Submit event request


What is the difference between the faculty/staff express reservation and the general reservation?

The express reservation allows faculty and staff to reserve select meeting rooms directly without submitting a request through the room scheduler. For these reservations, a meeting recurrence cannot be set up, duration cannot excede two hours, no food service is included and the rooms are available "as is" (review the room resources file to see what resources are available in the room).

The general reservation allows faculty and staff to submit a reservation for classrooms, computer labs and all other locations across campus, this reservation will be reviewed and approved by the room scheduler. Through this process, reservations can be made for recurring meetings/events.

Any reservation that includes food requests or other setup changes should go through the event request form.

Can I reserve a space for an off-campus organization?

All off-campus organizations, even if a CMU student or employee is involved, must go through the event request. The student study room, express reservation and general reservation forms are only available for CMU work related reservations.

Can I see all events I have requested?

Yes. See your event requests here. Be sure you are logged in to MAVzone.