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Students who currently live on campus do not have to submit a housing pre-payment.
Step 1

Fill out the room selection application

Go the Applications tab in MyHousing to start your housing application.
Step 2

Submit a Roommate Request

Submit a roommate/suitemate request via My College Roomie. My College Roomie email invitations are sent within 24 hours of completing a Room Selection application. Roommate/suitemate requests must be mutual to be valid.

Step 3

Select your room

Times are based on when you applied for room selection and exemption status.

You'll receive an assigned day and time to log into MyHousing and choose your room for the upcoming academic year. Your selection time will be emailed to your CMU account and visible in MyHousing.

If you've requested roommates or suitemates, you'll all be assigned the same time to select your room, and any member can assign rooms for the group.


Read our FAQ for quick assistance with common questions related to applying for campus housing as a continuing student.