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Every community has certain guidelines, regulations and traditions that all members of the community are expected to abide by and uphold.

By accepting admission to Colorado Mesa University, each student agrees to live by the standards of this community, found in the Maverick Guide and within the community guidelines for on-campus students.


Due to COVID-19 entering our lives, CMU has strict guidelines in order to help prevent the spread of COVID.  We are requiring of all residents:

  1. Only students assigned to live in a particular residence hall are allowed in that hall (except if they are working, i.e. student custodians, desk attendants, RAs on rounds).
  2. Cleanliness is required of all shared spaces.  Professional staff (Coordinators) will be checking residences on a regular basis.  Students will be notified of the dates Coordinators will be visiting. 
  3. Masks should be warn in hallways but may be taken off inside rooms.
  4. Students have been notified of these guidelines through communications from the President, Residence Life, Community Meetings, and as they moved in.

The COVID Conduct Matrix is available in each hallway, as are the other conduct matrices.  You may view them here. 

Students will be placed on Residence Hall Probation if they violate COVID guidelines and put other’s health and safety in jeopardy.  Students who are removed from Housing will NOT receive refunds or credit. 

Our goal is to keep the university open to face to face classes.  This takes all of us working together and following the Safe Together protocols.  We ask that everyone do their part!