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2024-2025 Housing and Dining Contract 

The University requires that all students admitted as new freshmen and transfer students who graduated from high school less than two years before their term of CMU/CMU Tech enrollment live in a residence hall for four semesters, subject to availability of space, unless they request and are granted an exemption prior to fulfilling the four-semester requirement. All students who meet the criteria in the sentence above agree to submit either a Housing Application or Housing Policy Exemption Request annually prior to the academic year.

Process for Requesting a Housing Exemption

  1. Submit a Housing Policy Exemption Request in the MyHousing app in MAVzone.
  2. Upload additional supporting documentation with the Exemption Request form.
  3. Exemption Requests are reviewed weekly by Residence Life Staff. Students are notified of their exemption request decision to their CMU email within 7 business days of submittal.

Students who have a housing assignment and are approved an exemption will have their housing (and dining) cancelled immediately. Students who do not have a housing assignment. and are denied a housing exemption request, will need to submit a Fall 2024 Housing Application. For students who do not submit a Fall 2024 Housing Application, CMU reserves the right to assign required housing and the student will be financially responsible for all costs associated with the assignment.

Process for Appealing a Denied Exemption Request

  1. Submit a Housing Policy Exemption Appeal (linked in exemption denial email).
  2. Upload required supporting documentation.
  3. Exemption Appeals are reviewed twice monthly by a committee. Students are notified of their exemption appeal decision to their CMU email within 30 days of receiving all documentation. 

Exemption Appeals Commitee: a team made of individuals from campus departments outside of the Residence Life office, including  Admissions, Athletics, Financial Aid, IRIS, Student Accounts, and The Student Wellness Center. Residence Life does not make the final exemption appeal decision in order to maintain a fair and impartial process for our students.