Housing Residency Policy Exemption Requests

Colorado Mesa University is committed to the success of our students. Knowing that students who live on campus and engage in activities have a greater success rate for graduation, CMU has a two-year on campus living requirement. All first and second year students under 21 and not living with a parent/guardian in Mesa County are required to live on campus, provided space is available, unless approved for an exemption.

First and second year students who meet any of the following conditions may request to be exempt from the on-campus housing requirement:

  • Will be 21 years of age before August 21, 2019 (no additional documentation required)
  • Resides at parent’s permanent address within Mesa County (no additional documentation required)
  • Married or a Single Parent with custody of child
    • Provide copy of certified birth or marriage certificate
    • Custody paperwork if applicable
  • Profound disability or medical condition that makes living on campus impossible
    • Provide a letter from student indicating why it is not possible to live on campus including why moving to another residence hall room/apartment will not solve the issue.
    • Provide documentation from a medical professional supporting your letter. The medical professional must have a previously existing relationship with the student. The letter needs to include specific medical diagnosis and issues that are the result of living on campus that would not occur off campus.
    • Documentation will be reviewed by Director of Student Health Services
  • Extreme Financial Hardship
    • A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be filed for the academic year. Residence Life in conjunction with Financial Aid will use unmet need and Expected Family Contribution to determine if you qualify for this exemption. If this review does not result in an exemption you will have the opportunity to appeal and provide additional information about your specific circumstances.
  • Other
    • You may not request an exemption based solely on the fact that it will be less expensive to live off campus. If you feel you have a situation not listed above, please contact Megan Bricker, Mngr Operations & Technology mbricker@coloradomesa.edu or phone 970-248-1536.

To request an exemption, complete and submit the 2019-2020 Housing Exemption Request along with all required documentation listed beneath the exemption reason. The Housing Policy Exemption Request is available under "Applications/Exemption Requests" in the MyHousing app of MAVzone. Requesting an exemption does not guarantee an exemption will be granted. When requesting an exemption, you will also be required to indicate your on-campus living preferences in case your request is denied. It is highly recommended that you do not sign a lease for off-campus housing until you are notified of a decision regarding your exemption. You will not be exempt from the on-campus two-year requirement because you have signed another lease. Residence Life will notify you of the result of your request at your CMU email address.