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Located in many of Colorado Mesa University's residence halls, Themed Communities provide our students with opportunities to become a part of a unique experience based upon their interests and lifestyle, with facilities and community members that support these interests.

As a member of a Themed Community, you can build a strong bond with your fellow community members and help to strengthen your shared interests. When applying for housing, there is the option to add these types of living environments to your preferences list. Residence Life is committed to providing our students with the necessary tools to succeed, and with that we work to continue to develop and provide new and exciting Themed Communities for the future.

Honors House Community

Wingate has two floors for students who have graduated high school with a 3.5 GPA or higher. Students in this community will work together to decide community rules focusing on quiet hours and how to help each other continue their academic successes.

Criminal Justice Community

Garfield Hall is home to the Criminal Justice Living and Learning community on the second floor. Students in the CJ-LLC will be enrolled in the same section of CRMJ 201 - Introduction to Criminal Justice, as well as have the opportunity to participate in activities designed solely for the CJ-LLC. How about a visit to our Crime House to look for evidence? Maybe a private tour of the Grand Junction Police Department building or Mesa County Corrections and visit with a District Attorney? And have you heard about CMU's very own body farm? Open to all students who may be interested in a Criminal Justice related major or minor.

Outdoor Experience Community

Interested in the outdoors and staying active? Want to live with people who share your passion for adventure? Residence Life, in partnership with the Outdoor Program, is working to match these students with other similarly interested students in the same rooms. No previous outdoors experience is required. The Outdoor Experience Community is housed in Tolman Hall.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Business (STEM-B) Living Learning Community

Our STEM-B community resides in Piñon Hall, centered on the Maverick Innovation Center.  We encourage academic collaboration, growth and social interaction between new, incoming STEM-B students.  The Maverick Innovation Center has state of the art computer systems, projection areas, 3D printer, spaces to collaborate, study and work towards your goals.  Several times a month, guest speakers hold brown bag lunches or short seminars related to inventing, creating, opening a business, etc..

The Spanish House/La Casa

For all students interested in developing Spanish- language proficiency and cultural competency. In “La Casa” students will participate in Hispanic cultural activities including films, guest speakers, culinary demonstrations, music, field trips and more. This immersion experience is intended for majors and minors in the Hispanic Studies program as well as any students desiring cultural competency and language proficiency. To make this an authentic Hispanic environment, students commit to living, speaking and breathing Spanish when in La Casa. 

Wellness / Substance-Free Themed Community

Select residence halls are designated as Wellness / Substance-Free Communities. Colorado Mesa is committed to student wellness and success, therefore, regardless of age, students are not permitted to have alcohol or illicit drugs anywhere on campus. Students who share this commitment to wellness, including enjoying college without using alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs, can find an environment to support that decision. Residents of this community commit to making responsible decisions regarding wellness through a signed contract and by helping to create events and programs for the community. Monument Hall is the home of the CMU Wellness / Substance-Free Community.

Study Intensive Themed Communities – (extended quiet hours)

Most residence halls have a designated Study Intensive Floor, usually located on the top floor. Study intensive communities bring together students who share a commitment to establish and maintain an atmosphere conducive with academic excellence. Residents commit to the terms of this lifestyle by signing an agreement. The objective for a Study Intensive environment is to establish and maintain an atmosphere conducive with academic excellence. At the beginning of the Fall Semester, each Study Intensive community will determine quiet hours (Courtesy Hours) for the floor. Residents will abide by the Courtesy Hours as established. Study intensive rooms are available in Grand Mesa, Garfield, Monument, Tolman, Rait, Piñon and Wingate Halls.

Performing Arts Themed Community

Housed in Grand Mesa Hall, our Performing Arts Themed Community welcomes all areas of performing artists or those who love to be around the exciting world of the arts – musicians, choral, dancers, thespians, and more!  This hall is suite-style living to promote community and collaboration among our performers.  We welcome first and second year students in this residence, encouraging the experienced students to interact and assist the younger ones.  If you like the arts, dancing in the halls, practicing your lines with others… this is the hall for you! 

Health Sciences Themed Community

This community is for SECOND-YEAR and above students who have been accepted into one of our Health Sciences degrees – Nursing, Radiology, Physical Therapy, etc…  The community is housed in our apartment-style living – Orchard Avenue Apartments, located on the northern edge of campus.  Students are encouraged to collaborate and work closely to help each other be successful in the very rigorous courses.  Find study groups easily and work together in the study rooms or in the comfort of your apartment.