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Move-Out Information


Spring 2022 Move-Out Important Dates:

  • May 8-12- Mandatory Closing Floor Meeting for all residents; see RA for details. 
  • Monday, May 16 – Residence Hall CHECKOUT begins. Students must checkout within 24 hours of last final.
  • SUMMER HOUSING application currently open through MyHousing.

Spring 2022 Check-Out Process:

  • May 16-20 - Checkout 
    • MANDATORY formal checkout with an RA for every resident. 
      • Sign up with RA for specific checkout date/time. 
      • Complete end of year survey before checking out. 
      • Room must be cleared of all belongings and cleaned to checkout. 
      • Take all trash to the dumpsters! 
      • Please donate unwanted, reusable items in the first floor of your residence hall.
      • RA will complete the mandatory checkout with the resident. Failure to complete a formal checkout with a RA will result in a $150 improper checkout fine. 
    • Hall Coordinators will assess rooms for damages after checkout. Damage and/or checkout fines will be posted to student's accounts by June 3, 2022.
    • Summer residents will move from their Spring housing assignment to their Summer housing assignment on May 27, 2022. Students moving directly into Summer housing will remain in their Spring assignment until May 27 and will complete an official checkout then. Summer residents are not required to leave campus between the end of Spring housing(May 20) and start of Summer housing(May 27). 
    • Final checkout date is May 20, 12:00 pm.  **Graduating Seniors must checkout by Sunday, May 22, 12:00pm.