• Cost of Attendance:  Check out the Tuition and Fees page here for information regarding tuition and fees per credit hour as well as on-campus housing and meal plan costs.
  • College Opportunity Fund (COF): For Colorado Residents- Take advantage of a stipend the state pays toward your tuition. This is money you do not need to pay back, and it's easy to apply and authorize the stipend! Click here for more information about how to apply.
  • Calculate your Student Budget: You can use the interactive student budget tools below to see what your estimated costs will be and plan out how you will pay for those costs:


Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Semester On-Campus Student Budget Worksheet

Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Semester Off-Campus Student Budget Worksheet

What is Financial Aid? Check out this quick video for an overview of the types of aid that the office of Federal Student Aid offers.

How do I apply for Federal Financial Aid? Check out this quick video for an overview of how to apply. Also, an easy step-by-step checklist is here.

I’ve submitted my FAFSA. Now what do I need to do?  Once you have submitted your FAFSA, additional documents may be required for the Office of Financial Aid to process your application. Please check your "My Tasks" page in MAVzone to see if there are any outstanding requirements under the “Financial Aid Requirements” section. Click on the task to learn more about how to complete it.

My Financial Aid paid my bill and there is a refund left over.  How can I get that refund?  All students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit with the bank of your choice. By doing so, refunds will be electronically deposited directly to a checking or savings account of your choosing. Signing up for direct deposit is easy and convenient through your online ePay account.

*Double check your account information for accuracy.

*All future refunds will be made to this account.

When creating an Direct Deposit (ACH) Refund profile in ePay, always verify the bank information you enter to ensure funds are sent to the correct account.  Direct deposits will hit bank accounts approximately 48 hours after processing. Realize that your bank may not post your deposit immediately.

I would rather receive a paper check instead of direct deposit.  How do I receive that?Checks are printed on Thursdays only. They are available after 11 AM Thursday; a picture ID is required at time of pick-up. Please sign up for Direct Deposit (ACH) Refunds through ePay to receive your funds sooner and avoid lines.

Paper checks will be mailed to the address on file after two weeks if not picked up at the IRIS Desk.

Want more information about refunds?  Check out the Refund page here.

  • ePAY
    ePay is a secure, online portal where you can view your account activity, make payments, and set up payment plans. ePAY is a MAVzone application. To find it, log in to MAVzone and search the "Applications" page.To learn more about ePAY, click here.


  • What payment methods are available?  Payment using bank account information or credit cards can be made online via ePAY.  Please note that we encourage payment by web check, because a 2.85% processing fee with be assessed on credit or debit card payments.  Payments by cash or check can be taken in-person at the IRIS desk in Lowell Heiny Hall, first floor.


  • How can I allow my parents or someone else to pay my bill?  You can set up your parents or someone else as authorized users on your account.  This will give them access to your account summary and balance information, and they can log in and make payments as well.  For more information about Authorized Users in ePAY, click here.


  • What if I have a balance and cannot pay the whole amount by the due date?  Currently enrolled students can sign up for a monthly or bi-monthly payment plan via ePAY.  This will spread payments out over the course of the semester.  For former students who have a balance, please see the delinquent accounts section for payment options.


  • Financial Responsibility Agreement: Please carefully review the Financial Responsibility Agreement here.
  • What is a delinquent account?  A delinquent account is a student account that has a balance remaining after the student is no longer enrolled in classes.  


  • What are my options if my account is delinquent?  All delinquent accounts that are not in external collections must either pay in full or enroll in one of the Automatic Extended Payment Plan options.  For information on the extended payment plan options and other frequently asked questions about delinquent accounts, please see the Student Accounts Page.
Please click here to see all important financial & billing due dates.

Do you need extra help?  Set up an appointment with Student Financial Counseling at IRIS.  Student Financial Counseling is a resource CMU offers to assist students with navigating payment options.  Visit us on the first floor of Lowell Heiny Hall or give us call at 970-248-1177, and we would be happy to help!


The 1098-T is an informational form only. The current US tax code requires colleges and universities to provide Form 1098-T: Tuition Payments Statement, for the purposes of determining a student's eligibility for the Hope and Lifetime Learning education tax credits as per the Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education.

For more information about this form and when it is used, visit the 1098-T Information page.