IRIS Advisor vs. Faculty Advisor

 IRIS Advisors vs. Faculty Advisors

 There are two types of advisors on campus that will provide guidance and support throughout your college career.  The IRIS Advisors primarily assist first semester freshmen, students with undeclared majors, and first semester transfer students.  Faculty Advisors primarily work with students in their declared major area of study.  Your faculty advisor will be listed on the top section of your DegreeWorks report. You can also view your faculty advisor in MAVzone by going to "My Account" and clicking "Advisor". You can find your faculty advisor’s contact information in the Campus Directory.

IRIS Advisor

  • Advise first-semester freshman, students with undeclared majors, and first-semester transfer students
  • Guide students in major exploration
  • Assist students in course selection and registration
  • Assist students with reading and understanding their Degree Works Report
  • Assist students returning from suspension with registering for classes and connecting with campus resources to guarantee their success
  • Assist students with strategies for academic success
  • Assist students with navigating University systems, policies, and procedures
  • Assist students with understanding the financial obligations of their education
  • Educate students on the resources available to help pay for school
  • Connect students to campus resources such Educational Access Services, Tutorial Learning Center, Career Services, and many more! 
  • IRIS Advisors are located on the first floor of Lowell Heiny Hall and can be reached by email at or by phone at 970-248-1177.

Faculty Advisor

  • Advise students in their department/major area of study
  • Guide students in the process of degree completion
  • Assist students in selecting courses that will match their interests and career and educational goals
  • Connect students to campus resources such as clubs, organizations, and activities that can lead to future career opportunities or provide students with the necessary experience for prospective careers
  • Assist students with gathering information about careers related to a degree field, the job-market for an occupation, available career opportunities and experience, as well as career and graduate school contacts
  • Provide guidance on applying to graduate or professional schools post-graduation
  • Faculty Advisors are located in their respective academic departments.