PB, GOALS, and WCCC Advising

Advising for Provisional Baccalaureate (PB) Students:

PB students admitted starting in summer 2013 receive their academic advising from a Student Success Coach at the Office of Student Success (OSS).  PB students fall just below the admission requirements to be accepted into a Bachelor’s degree at CMU.  The PB program gives students the opportunity to still pursue a Bachelor’s degree while receiving additional advising and academic support.  For more information about the PB program and to contact OSS, please see their website.

Advising for GOALS (Greater Opportunity for Academic and Life Success) Students:

GOALS stands for Greater Opportunity for Academic and Life Success.  GOALS is an academic support program that provides additional assistance to students who have been accepted into an associate degree program but need to be better prepared for admission into a baccalaureate program at Colorado Mesa University.  GOALS students receive their academic advising from a specific GOALS advisor until they meet the requirements to transfer into a baccalaureate program.  Check out the GOALS program website for more information.

 Advising for Western Colorado Community College (WCCC) Students:

Students pursuing one of the Associate Degree or Certificate Programs offered through Western Colorado Community College (WCCC) will receive their academic advising through the Student Services Office at the WCCC campus.  Call 970-255-2600 or email wccc@coloradomesa.edu for more information.