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    1.  Explore your interests:

You will need to contact the Career Services office to have your results interpreted: Take the assessment online and then call Career Services to make an appointment 970-248-1404.


  • Check out the College in Colorado Interest Profiler here.

You’ll need to follow these steps: 1.) Click on “New to this site” then “Create an Account” 2.) Click on “College or Postsecondary School Student” 3.) Find “Colorado Mesa University-Grand Junction” 4.) Click “Next,” complete the account information form, and click on “Create Your Account” 5.) Click on “Career Planning” then “Learn About Yourself” and then “Interest Profiler” 6.)  Answer the assessment questions.

Your results will be displayed.  No appointment with Career Services required.


  1. Consider your skills & strengths:
  • What subjects have you enjoyed in the past?
  • What classes have you breezed through?
  • What do you consider your top skills?
  • What are your weaknesses or areas you definitely want to avoid?


  1. Get Experience:
  • Perform an Informational Interview- this is an opportunity to interview a professional that is currently in a career that you are interested in. Learn firsthand from an expert on what the job is all about.  To find out how to conduct an informational interview, visit the career services center: 970-248-1404.
  • Volunteer- Get some great experience for your resume while still getting exposure to the working world and exploring career fields.
  • Complete an Internship- Internships are a great opportunity to network, gain experience, hone your skills, and explore different career fields.


  1. Consider your desired workplace values:
  • Do you want flexibility in work structure/schedule?
  • Do you prefer routines and a predictable work environment?
  • Is a work life/home life balance important to you?
  • Do you enjoy supervising others and taking on a leadership role?
  • Ask yourself: Do the careers that you are interested in line up with your desired workplace values?


    5.   Do your homework:


  1. Declare your major officially by contacting the administrative assistant in the department where your intended major is housed.