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  1. Continue to take on a leadership role in student organizations or clubs within your academic area.
  2. Consider completing an internship. Check out internship opportunities on Handshake, contact Career Services, or visit with your Faculty Advisor for help with finding internship opportunities.
  3. Research graduate or professional schools in your area of interest by meeting with your Faculty Advisor and by using Interest Profiler .
  4. Review your transcripts and your program requirements . Click to access your transcripts.
  5. Get the appropriate Graduation forms from the Office of the Registrar and be sure to submit them by the deadline listed on the form.
  6. Meet with your major and/or minor Faculty Advisor(s) to have your Program Sheet(s) and other documents signed and submitted for graduation the semester prior to your graduation date.
  7. Prepare and arrange for appropriate testing , if applicable (GRE, MCAT, CPA exam, etc.)
  8. Register in October/November or March/April for next semester--see the Registrar's site for Registration Dates.
  9. Visit Career Services to discuss job search strategies.
  10. Create and/or edit your resume. Utilize the resume resources available to students on the career services site and/or attend a resume workshop!
  11. Create and/or update your Handshake Profile and network with potential employers.
  12. Attend the Fall and Spring Career Fairs. Career fairs are a great opportunity to network with potential employers.