Registration & Schedule

Don't worry!  IRIS can help you resolve your holds.  You can find a list of common holds below.  If you do not see your hold listed, additional information on holds can also be found on the Registrar's website.


  • Advising Hold (AV): Many first semester freshmen have this hold. This hold means that students must contact IRIS to make a schedule change.  Please call IRIS or visit us in Lowell Heiny Hall to make your schedule change.  This hold will automatically be removed before students register for their second semester classes.  
  • Undeclared Major (UM): The UM hold is placed on the accounts of students who have not declared a major. The hold can be lifted by declaring a major or by meeting with an IRIS advisor.
  • PB-Office of Student Success: PB stands for Provisional Baccalaureate. PB students fall just below the admission requirements to be accepted into a Bachelor’s degree program at CMU.  This program allows students to eventually pursue a bachelor’s degree while receiving additional advising and support from an academic coach.  PB students also have additional requirements and will receive their advising from the Office of Student Success: 970-248-1340, Albers Hall 106.
  • GOALS: GOALS is an academic support program that provides additional assistance to students who have been accepted into an associate degree program but need to be better prepared for admission into a baccalaureate program at CMU. GOALS students will receive their advising from Patton Massengill, lead GOALS advisor and instructor: 970-255-2635; Students must meet with their GOALS advisor before making schedule changes.
  • New Students Registering for the first time: First Semester Freshmen: New In-State Freshmen who will be registering for their first semester on campus will be required to attend a New Student Orientation session and will register for classes at their session. Out of State Freshmen are strongly encouraged to attend Orientation to register for their first semester classes. If this is not possible, these students can make an appointment with an advisor at IRIS to register for classes.
  • New Transfer Students: New transfer students are encouraged to attend Orientation but it is not required. Transfer Students also have the option of scheduling an appointment with an advisor at IRIS to get assistance with registering for classes.
  • Continuing Students: Continuing students can register for classes via the Registration Page. Check the Registrar's website for the dates when registration opens.


Continuing students will have a registration date assigned to them based on their class standing. To view registration dates, please visit the Registrar’s website here.


Freshmen: 0-29 *credit hours completed.

Sophomore: 30-59 *credit hours completed.

Junior: 60-89 *credit hours completed.

Senior: 90 plus *credit hours completed.


*In progress courses do not count toward the total above.  Only completed courses with a final grade awarded will count in this total.

Common registration errors are listed below.  If you received an error message that is not listed here, please contact IRIS for assistance.

  • Pre-requisite/test score error: This error indicates that you have either not met the pre-requisite for the course you are trying to register for or you have not received the necessary placement score to register for the course. You can view pre-requisite courses in the catalog.
  • Co-requisite error: You can receive this error if you are trying to register for a course that requires that you take another course at the same time. For example, BIOL 101 requires that you take both the lecture (BIOL 101) and the lab (BIOL 101L).  You will need to register for both at the same time or you will receive this error. 
  • Instructor permission: Some courses require an instructor’s permission before you can register. Contact the listed instructor of the course to seek approval.  Find the instructor's contact information in the directory.
  • Time conflict error: You will receive this error if you are already registered for a class that is at the same time as the class you are trying to add.
First, check the drop deadlines listed on the Registrar’s website to ensure that you are still able to drop a class.  If the deadline has not passed, you can drop classes by viewing the registration tools on the Registrar's website. Always verify your schedule to ensure your drop was processed.

Once the deadline has passed to drop a course with deletion from record, a student has a period of time where they can withdraw from a course.  This means that you will receive a “W” grade on your transcript for the course.  The “W” does not affect your GPA at all, but you will still be responsible for the full tuition for the course even though you are not earning credit for the course.  Be sure to check the Registrar’s dates to see if you are eligible to withdraw.

In order to withdraw from a course, you will need to obtain your instructor’s signature on an add/drop form and this form will need to be processed by the Registrar’s Office.

No; if you stop attending class without dropping or withdrawing from the course, you will receive a failing grade. Be sure to check the Registrar’s dates and drop courses prior to the deadlines to avoid failing classes. Failing grades will hurt your GPA and put you at risk of probation or eventual suspension.

These are courses that have meeting dates outside of regular, full semester classes. These courses are accelerated and you will do an entire semester worth of work in a shorter span of time. Each of these types of courses will have their own set of add/drop deadlines so it important to review the deadlines on the Registrar’s website

To check if you are enrolled in any first mod/second mod/late start classes, view your Concise Student Schedule

To find the deadlines for each semester, please visit the Registrar’s Important Dates here.  It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with these dates before the start of each semester.
12 credit hours is considered full time.  Six to 11 credit hours is considered part time.

You have a couple of different tools you can use to find the required classes for your degree program.  The first tool is the program sheet.  Click here to view program sheets. Program sheets will list all of the required classes for a particular major.

The other tool that you can use is DegreeWorks.  DegreeWorks is an interactive Program Sheet that will fill in courses you have already completed and courses you currently have in progress. You can access your DegreeWorks report here.

Academic and Faculty Advisors are happy to assist you with choosing classes. If you have questions regarding your essential learning and foundational courses, you can meet with an IRIS advisor.

If you have completed your essential learning courses, and you have questions about major requirements, you should contact your faculty advisor. You can find your assigned faculty advisor listed on your DegreeWorks report.  To find contact information for your advisor, please use the campus directory.