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Colorado Mesa University issues refunds to students when their account has an eligible credit balance. Common reasons include having financial aid payments in excess of their account balance or credits for dropped courses within the appropriate deadlines for a refund. See Important Dates for add/drop/withdraw deadlines. Refunds are processed daily, and direct deposits hitting bank accounts approximately 48 hours after processing, and paper checks are only issued every other Thursday.

For each term, initial refunds start being processed the week before full term classes begin. Disbursement Day is the Friday before the first day of class. All paper checks will be mailed. If you add or drop classes, the refund will be processed on Wednesdays. If you are done adding and dropping classes, be sure to notify us in writing if you need us to process these additional funds before Census.

There are three methods for receiving refunds. Direct deposit and paper checks will be issued for financial aid and scholarships. Please see below for more information on these two methods. Direct deposits will hit bank accounts approximately 48 hours after processing. Paper checks are only issued and mailed every other Thursday. If the refund is cause by dropping classes and the balance was paid with a ACH or credit card, we will refund the original payment method. 

Federal Financial Aid funds apply to the student balance first before other funding in the order they are posted to the account. Parent Plus funds are the first to be applied to the student's balance. If a refund is due to a parent,  they will be a paper check mailed to the address on the loan application.

Direct Deposit (ACH) Refunds

All students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit with the bank of your choice. By doing so, refunds will be electronically deposited directly to a checking or savings account of your choosing. Signing up for direct deposit is easy and convenient through your online ePay account.

*Double check your account information for accuracy.

*All future refunds will be made to this account.

When creating an Direct Deposit (ACH) Refund profile in ePay, always verify the bank information you enter to ensure funds are sent to the correct account.  Direct deposits will hit bank accounts approximately 48 hours after processing. Realize that your bank may not post your deposit immediately.

Paper Check Refunds

Checks are only printed every other Thursday and will be mailed to the permanent address on file. Please verify that your address is up to date.

Refund Guidelines 

CMU encourages you to use direct deposit with the bank of your choice.  You are not required to use U.S. Bank or any other specific bank for your refunds or payments. 

To view the contract between U.S. Bank and CMU, click here

Upcoming Disbursement Dates

Summer 2023

Financial Aid Applied to Account:  First day of Summer Class

eRefund Disbursement Day: 

Disbursement Day (checks mailed): 


Refunds: Paper checks print every other Thursday, Direct Deposit is ran daily, please allow 1-3 business days for refund. All paper checks are automatically mailed to the permanent address on file.

Financial Aid Disbursement dates may vary depending on your status.