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If a third-party sponsor provides documentation regarding sponsoring a student, Student Accounts bills the sponsors on behalf of the student.

Some examples of third-party sponsors are federal agencies, foreign embassies, and Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Sponsors are billed for CMU charges ONLY (such as tuition/fees, housing charges and dining plan). Any credits or overpayment will be returned to the sponsor. Third-party billing is separate from our scholarship programs.

Student Accounts must be notified by the sponsor and/or student of the sponsorship amount and conditions. Documentation can be submitted via email to [email protected]A financial guarantee/tuition authorization must be an official document on business letterhead.

Authorizations MUST include the following information to be processed:

  • Student name
  • Student CMU ID number
  • Specific charges or dollar amount that sponsor will be paying
  • What semester sponsor will be paying
  • Billing address for sponsor
  • Name, signature and contact information for person authorizing contract
  • All documentation must be submitted before the start of the semester in question

Once the contract is set up, invoices will be generated after the add/drop date and email or mailed to the sponsor for payment. Payment options are on the invoice. Please send all third-party payments to:

Colorado Mesa University
Student Accounts
Attn: Third-Party Billing Coordinator
1100 North Ave
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Documentation must be submitted before the start of the semester. Late submission may cause the student to receive late payment fees and generate balance holds on their account. If your sponsor is only paying a portion of your charges, you will be responsible for payment of the difference by all deadlines. If payment is not received for your share of the charges by the due date, a late payment fee will be assessed. If your employer is reimbursing you after completion of your coursework, your fees cannot be deferred, and you must pay the amount due by the due date.

NOTE: Once your contract has been set up, it will appear on your student account as a Third Party Payment (Credit). This does not mean that CMU has received payment on your behalf. Payment is not guaranteed until funds are actually received by the University from your sponsor. If payment has not been received by the end of the fiscal year, your contract will be deleted and cannot be reinstated until guaranteed funds are received. Thus, students are ultimately responsible for the contracted balance if their sponsor does not pay in a timely manner. CMU reserves the right to discontinue future third-party billing for agencies that are delinquent in making payment.

Student Confidentiality and Responsibility

It is the policy of the university to protect our students’ right to confidentiality per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). By participating in the Third Party Contract Program, you grant authorization to the university to release to your sponsoring agency information pertaining to assessed tuition and registration fees, financial aid, and enrollment.

The FERPA release authorization is in effect for the semesters covered by the Third Party Contract.

Students have certain responsibilities when participating in the Third Party Contract Program. Student responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Providing sponsoring agency with required transcripts, class enrollments, and grades
  • Providing a valid authorization letter from their sponsor prior to the tuition due date
  • Renewing their period of sponsorship and providing updated authorization when needed
  • Paying any balance not covered by their sponsoring agency
  • Paying related penalties that result from a sponsoring agency’s non-payment
  • Clearing financial holds that may withhold grades or prohibit enrollment activity, obtaining diploma or transcripts
  • Informing the university of any changes in sponsorship coverage or agency contact information