Business Internships

How to start a Business internship

The first step to applying for an internship is to search for a company or position that is related to the student's degree or concentration.  The next step is to meet with the internship coordinator.

  • Students are responsible for finding a company with which to internship. Their internship must relate to their degree and concentration. 
  • The internship can be in Grand Junction, or it can be anywhere throughout the nation, or in some cases, the world.
  • A student can do an internship during the Spring, Summer, or Fall semester.
  • Students must pay for the internship as they would any other class. (i.e. a three-credit hour internship costs the same as a three-credit class; and a nine-credit hour internship is equal to the cost of three, three-credit hour classes).

Students can reach out to the internship coordinator with any questions about a program or if they would like more information about a program.

Business Department Internship Coordinator:

Deb Parman DH 309B
(970) 248-1170

Where can students find internships?

Visit Student Career Services or contact our Internship Coordinator for opportunities. You can also use Handshake, CMU's online job & internship resource to find local internship listings. 

Find Internships with Handshake

Looking to hire a business intern?

The Department of Business, its Internship Coordinator, and Colorado Mesa University’s Career Services for Employers often have great leads for companies looking for interns. You can also sign up for Handshake, CMU's online job & internship resource, to post local internship opportunities.

Post an internship into Handshake

Frequently Asked Questions

An internship is a job opportunity in your field of study for which you are earning college credit. It has a specified start date and end date which runs in conjunction with the semester start and end dates. Most internships are run during the summer semester.
No. Business internships must be approved in advance through the Internship Coordinator who will have you complete an Independent Learning Contract and explain the assessment criteria.
Yes. Since students have to pay for the course just like any other class they are enrolled in, employers are expected to compensate their employees for the work. As well, a condition of employment is that the student be covered by Workman’s Compensation Insurance.
Generally, business students can earn three, six, or nine credits for their work experience. Three credit hours require 135 work hours. A six-credit course requires 270 hours, and a nine-credit course requires 400 hours of work.
The employer will assist in the development of learning objectives and is responsible for providing a written evaluation of the intern’s performance at the end of the experience. Students will submit weekly activity reports and an internship portfolio to the Internship Coordinator.
No, students have the opportunity to work all over the United States and in some cases, internationally.